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The Hutt Republic

A new means for the Hutts to reunite Hutt Space under their rule. Slightly different system of ruling, but very similar goals as the Cartel of old.

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Broka the Hutt
Thank you for your patience everyone. We still need a few others to join on the site before we get to action. In the meantime, individual threads are encouraged. Feel free to work with fellow members as you wish. Having us all used to writing with each other will work very well for future threads. With this being a very character driven group, whatever your characters do for the faction will matter.

Also, to bolster numbers, if you know anyone who is interested in the kinds of threads that are expected, please refer this group. Having more members will allow for it to be easier to get things done, and we also may get new ideas for future stories with more people coming in with their own motives for their characters.

Thank you.