Her bag was placed on the couch, it was a small little unit but it still was considered a one bed-one bathroom in Coronet City. How bad could her life truly be, right? The view was pretty garbage though. She knew for a few more credits, not something she could afford on… was she going to be court martialed? Maybe… On whatever she was making… Anyone wanting something in a better part of Coronet was going to be doing a lot more with their time.

Not everyone's 24 hours were the same, she was going to say that.

An entertainer? They spent more of their time with people, and in a galaxy that seemed to be constantly heading to poodoo, it was important to many people to lighten their troubles. Engineers and scientist, entrepreneurs, they did a lot of work to make things better for themselves. She was a pilot. And she really didn't want to go back to running freight. That was a waste of her talents.

The in-apartment entertainment system was playing commercials and music. She looked at her bag and opened it again. Her apartment was not really home, she'd been on deployment for a hot minute and home wasn't really home. All that she needed was in her duffle. Her personal effects, a burnt out kyber crystal from her failed lightsaber, a Matukai meditation band, her father's flight jacket, and… the activation cylinder.

There is a call for interested parties to join the Podrace Series, the next race is on Ossus…

She grinned as she looked at the cylinder. Grabbing it, she moved to the kitchenette of her unit, the loose ceiling panel had an old caf can, and inside? Enough credits to get her some fuel to Ossus, and buy in for a game of sabacc.

Get out there, then play. Tossing her father's flight jacket in her bag, and the credits, she hurried to the surface level. Making her way to her swoop, she hurried to the edge of the city, there were a few repair yards, one that was fairly foreclosed but a few enlisted owned it and were keeping something for her.

As she pulled in, she got off her swoop and opened the hangar door revealing an orange and white Flashfire. Her ticket to something new.