For millennia the Sith and Jedi have built temples, shrines, and other 'holy sites' across the galaxy. In this series of publications I intend to outline the most important vestiges of the Dark Side so that you, an aspiring pilgrim, can understand the significance of them, as well as the threats you may find upon your pilgrimage. In the first volume of this publication we will discuss the most important Sith Temples found around the galaxy. Without further ado: The Pilgrim's Guide Through the Dark Side, Part One.

-Derleth Par.

Great Citadel of Ziost

Just outside the city of New Adasta is perhaps the easiest of the major Sith temples to find and enter. The Great Citadel of Ziost once served as the capital of the Sith Empire in ancient times, before the settlement of Dromund Kaas. The extremely ancient, cold, and dead world is essentially devoid of life after an ancient cataclysm. However, the world remains a very strong source of dark energy. I highly recommend aspiring pilgrims to begin your journey at Ziost. Channeling your energy in the temple is unlike any I had felt until then, as well as being easy since the dark side is extremely present.

Ease of Access: Easy
Danger: None

Great Massassi Temple

The fourth moon of Yavin is the ancestral home of the Massassi Sith. The Massassi were great warriors in ancient times who built great temples in the jungles of Yavin IV, one such temple being designated as "The Great Temple". The temple has gained much significance over the past millennia, as it served for some time as a Jedi Praxeum. The energy of both the light and the dark imbued in the temple has made it a popular pilgrimage locale for both Jedi and Sith. The only thing is that the temple is quite a bit harder to access than the Citadel of Ziost, most notably due to the dense jungles of the moon that are home to deadly wildlife.

Ease of Access: Moderate
Danger: Moderate

Dark Force Temple
On Dromund Kaas there is what is possibly the strongest of the
Sith Temples ever built: The Dark Force Temple. Located in the thick, dark jungles, the Dark Force Temple is considered by some to be a force nexus within the force nexus of the planet. I do not recommend seeking out the temple unless you are certain you are physically and mentally strong enough to withstand whats inside. It remains one of the few temples I myself have not ventured to. Finding the temple is extremely difficult among the rain and thick forest, which has little infrastructure. Not to mention the wildlife of Dromund Kaas, which is much larger and deadlier than that of Yavin IV. The beasts that are not corrupted by the darkside energy of the planet have evolved to be extra resilient in the face of the dangerous weather and terrain of the planet.

Ease of Access: Very Hard
Danger: Extreme

In the next volume of The Pilgrim's Guide, I will discuss some of the famous fortresses that have belonged to Sith Lords in the past that you may be interested in visiting on your pilgrimage. Stay tuned.