Name: Ayla Mao
Faction: Neutral / (TBA) The Seven Swords
Rank: 6th Royal Daughter of the Alunrovaan / First Sword of the Seven Swords
Species: Pure Alunrovaan
Age: 19
D.o.B: ABY 825, February 9th (Lunar Calendar, I guess).
Force-Sensitive: Yes (Estimated six-figure midi-chlorian count)

Sex: Female
Height: 5'6 feet
Weight: 2396 lbs
Eyes: Ayla Mao's eyes have the odd tendency to switch between colours. Normally, her eyes look plain-black, some-what distinguished from her pupils; however, upon closer inspection one notices that her irises are actually a really dark shade of brown. Seems pretty normal, given how frequently dark-brown is mistaken for plain-black from afar, but the 'oddity' in Ayla's eyes lies not in the fact that they are brown, but in the fact that, sometimes, they really are black. On occasion, one might find Ayla's eyes to be pitch-black; so black, they blend in with her pupils, often inducing her the reception of remarks such as 'soulless', or the like. As if her eyes were a round pool of pure darkness, without known depth. In truth, her irises really do switch to a pure-black that blends in with her pupils; from a logical stand-point, one might attribute this odd tendency to some sort of chemical in the brain temporarily altering the colour of her irises. From a more 'mystical' point of view, one might say it was a result of the force interfering with her physical traits. For whatever reason, the fact remains.
Skin: An interesting story lies behind her current skin-tone, actually. As an avid combatant above-ground on Negsovern, Ayla was one of the immensely few Alunrovaan that had actually possessed tan skin. Typically, over-exposure to the sun would have rendered her burnt, and likely subject to illnesses such as skin-cancer; however, Ayla's exposure to her sun was momentary each time, and the tanning she received was purely a result of her frequent excursions above-ground. As such, the frequent but short time in the sun was just enough for her pigmentation to protect her body from the UV rays and over-time tan her skin. "But Ayla's skin is clearly pale in the photo!" one might suggest. At the end of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, Ayla's escape to one of the ships left stranded on Negosvern from some sort of black-market item hunter was delayed by multiple ranks of opponents, effectively prolonging her time in the sun. With all that time exposed, by the time Alya had made it to the ship and escaped the soon-to-explode Negosvern, a layer of her skin had already begun blistering, and eventually peeling begun. In the end, a layer of her skin was, for lack of a better term, 'shed' off. What lied beneath was a brand new, pure-white skin. Whether or not the over-exposure has had any permanently adverse effects on her aside from peeling, it has yet to be revealed.
Hair: Similarly to the result with her eyes, frequent exposure to her sun has resulted in Ayla's once jet-black hair being sun-bleached to a light brown-shade.
General Appearance: To be written in-depth over time.