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Approved Tech Yasha Mantis's Beskar'gam

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Coopers Cooler
Helm with armored headdress​
Helmet piece when removed and depowered​
Armour shown without helmet​

  • Intent: Personal armour for Yasha Mantis
  • Image Source: One Two Three (Recolour by [member="Cynthia Garon"] )
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Mandalorian Armor
  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Yasha Mantis
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Armorweave, Beskar, Circuitry, Transparisteel, Silicar
  • Classification: Multi-purpose armor
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Resistances
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
- Kinetic: Average
- Lightsabers: Very High
- Sonic: High
- EMP/ION: Average
- Elemental: Average


  • Ornate headdress helmet with mechanized deflection baffles and beskar gorget
  • Onboard operating system capable of managing systems and attached weapons if any
  • Weapon hardpoints (2x wrist, 2x forearm, 1x right shoulder)
  • Communications gear including HoloNET access
  • Integrated microwave radar and sonar (both able to be weaponized)
  • Sound activated sonic dampening field.
  • Inbuilt capacitors to absorb incoming electrical damage and weaponize it
  • Gauntlet fingertips contain emitters for stored electrical charge
  • Silicar/Beskar weave armor plates provide excellent protection from most sources of direct attack.
  • Layered Silicar/Armorweave bodysuit provides additional excellent protection
  • Hardpoints allow for different compatible weapons systems and utility tools to be attached.
  • Integrated capacitance charge system allows absorption of limited amounts of electrical damage including EMP and Force Lightning and to release it from emitters in the gauntlet fingertips.
  • Extended use will tire even an experienced and physically fit user.
  • Vulnerable at gaps in the beskar, and at the joints.
  • Requires regular replacement of battery.
  • Battery can be drained or knocked out by powerful enough EMP.

This armor is the personal armor of the Mand'alor; Yasha Mantis, and is as ornate as it is effective, befitting the commander of supercommandos and chief of chiefs. It provides excellent battlefield protection while still allowing the young and physically fit Yasha to move around. Since the destruction of Yasha's former beskar'gam, a replacement was commissioned.

Freshly forged by Kaine Australis himself, the beskar was carefully bonded with Silicar, which helped immensely in countering some of the weaknesses of beskar; resisting focused heat and kinetic attack. Of course, this comes with the drawback that any repairs are made even more complex, Silicar being virtually impossible to repair once it is compromised, but provides much amplfied protection compared to standard beskar.

Beskar/silicar weave layered armor plate protects the head, chest, arms, legs and back, with a black silicar/armorweave layered bodysuit underneath. The entire suit can be shed, or each individual plate can be detached, in case of repair or replacement, or the rare occasion the beskar'gam must be stowed away.

Modular attachments compatible with the armor include shoulder mounted weapons, as well as those able to be mounted by a mando'ad at wrist or arm.


Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
I honestly and genuinely believe that Beskar armor, no matter the sort, is actually the toughest thing to balance. The material is so overpowered in canon that it makes things rather difficult.

That being said, this is a unique armor without extravagant qualities, thus I'm going to tentatively approve this.
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