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The Pantheon


Velaeri Mortaine
There are ten Divines within the Pantheon of Moross. Each of the Divines is a god, the gods within the writings of Moross are known collectively as the Aesir.
Aatrox The Deceiver- Within the Ten Divines Aatrox is considered to be the most untrustworthy of the ten gods. He is considered to be ever plotting, ever scheming, and never telling the truth. Aatrox always has a plan that benefits only him and his followers. It is said that looking into the mind of Aatrox is like looking into a black hole. There is no information to be gleaned from him and no knowledge to be gained by praying to him. Aatrox gives gifts of stealth and subterfuge, interested in only self gain as are most of his followers. It is unknown what Aatrox truly desires, though it is said that once he walks the mortal plane all should be weary. Because of this Aatrox is generally looked down upon by the other gods, and those that worship him are generally looked at more closely than others in day to day society. He is considered one of the more “evil” gods within the pantheon. Aatrox is the patron saint of Thieves, Assassins...and Politicians.
Aatrox's followers wear robes of Dark Blue accented with Grey.

Inari The Reviver- Inari the Reviver is considered to be perhaps the kindest of gods within the Pantheon. Inari is the healer, the reviver, and the everlasting. She is loved by all, even those who do not worship Inari directly consider her to be one of the greatest of the gods within the pantheon. Inari is considered to be the “mother” of Moross. She is the bright light that people pray too when they are at their most desperate. When one is sick and dying, they would call to Inari for true and lasting peace. Inari is also considered to be the truest voice of reason amongst the Pantheon of ten gods in Moross. She is the divine that is thought to give the wisest and kindest advice to her followers. She wants nothing more than the betterment of her people, even those who do not directly worship her. Those who directly worship her are often looked on with a sort of reverence, the worshipers of Inari tend to be kind, loving, and charitable. Inari is the patron Saint of Healers and Doctors.
Inari's followers wear robes of White accented by Gold.

Liad The Plague Bearer- Liad the Plague Bearer is perhaps the most questionable of all the ten Divines. He has no real motives, he has no real goals, and the things he does are both evil, and good. He is the one that supposedly lets loose the diseases that ravage the Galaxy...yet he is also the one that supplies the cure. Many say that Liad does this to “test” the followers of the pantheon, simply seeing if they are strong enough to survive. His worshipers cling to this belief, thinking that if they endure the plagues of Liad and find a way to cure those who can't they will be welcomed to the great hall. Liad however in truth is far more cruel. His motivations are far more linked to his own pleasure than anything else. He strives to see the mutated and destroyed forms of his followers and is eager to see how far he can truly push someone. Those who worship Liad are often diseased from birth, sickly, or highly intelligent and wish to learn more about disease. Liad is the patron saint of Researchers, the Sick, and the dying.
Liad's followers wear robes of Brown accented by Dark Green.

Ithari the Bloody- Ithari the Bloody is said to be the most ruthless of the Ten gods of Moross. He is depicted as a man covered entirely in blood wielding a single sword that is always ironically clean. Ithari is the patron of war and battle. It is his name that Generals and Commanders of the armies of Moross pray to, and it is his gifts they receive. Ithari is cold, calculating, and most would say evil. He cares only for the blood of those who do not worship him and his brothers, and it is the only way to appease him. Those who worship Ithari do so with the sounds of war. Killing and death is the only way to praise this God. Ithari is the god that the leaders of the Crusade pray to, whereas Salee and Kalee are the soldiers gods. Ithari is the patron Saint of Generals, Commanders, and Leaders.
Ithari's followers wear robes of Blood Red accented by a brighter Red.

Salee the Shield- Salee the Shield is considered to be the fairest of all gods. She is the battle maiden that protects, guides, and keeps safe the soldiers of Moross. Salee is depicted as a beautiful red haired woman with wings. She uses these wings to shield her followers from death and alongside her sister Kalee ensures that the soldiers of the crusade are safe within the battle lines. Salee is generally considered to be a “good” god. She wants nothing more than to protect her people from death. Salee is also what the armorers of Moross pray too. The industrialists that provide the weapons and war machines for Moross call to Salee for success in their businesses to allow the Great Crusade to continue. Salee is the patron saint of warriors, armorsmiths, and soldiers.
Salee's followers wear robes/armor of Bronze accented by Silver.

Kalee the Sword- Kalee the Sword is alongside her sister worshiped as one of the two patrons of battle. Unlike her sister however Kalee is called to when the warriors are actually in a fight. Her name is the one uttered when a soldier fires his rifle or when a blade is plunged into a foe. It is Kalee that guides the soldiers hearts and minds, it is she that ensures every shot hits, and that every blade strikes. Kalee unlike her sister is not considered to be strictly “good”. Because of the bloodshed she craves, and the death she brings with her followers Kalee is often considered Chaotic Neutral. Kalee is the patron saint of Warriors, Soldiers, and Veterans.
Kalee's followers wear robes/armor of Silver accented by Bronze.

Neth the Keeper- Neth the Keeper is alongside his sister Inari considered to be one of the few “good” gods within the Pantheon. Though perhaps the word good does not really suit him. Neth wants nothing more than to preserve the knowledge that has been gained. His ultimate goal is to hoard knowledge and keep it alive and strong throughout the ages. This means that Neth is sometimes uncaring towards his followers, and really everything. Neth is said to be the Keeper of the galaxies secrets, holding the most terrible of which within a great flame. His worshipers have the exact same goals. This makes it so those who follow Neth are often intensely respected in day to day society. Neth is the patron saint of Librarians, Architects, Scientists, and anything else along the path of knowledge.
Followers of Neth wear robes of Dark Orange accented by Black.

Thral the Beast Tamer- Thral is perhaps the most neutral god within the pantheon of the Ten Divines. He does not care about war, the good of others, or anything along those lines. Thral is known as the Beast Tamer, and it is he that is responsible for the keeping of Nature. Thral is often worshiped by those that have a love for forests, the outdoors, and the keeping of planets the way they are supposed to be. Because of this the followers of Thral often come in conflict with many of the gods of expansion(Ithari, Kalee, Erebos) because of their destructive nature. He is the “oldest” of the ten gods within the pantheon and some say the mightiest, he is often depicted as an old man standing within a forest. Because of his love of nature planets like Coruscant and Anaxes, completely devoid of living things are an absolute Afront to Thral. Thral is the patron saint of Animals, Nature, and those who wish to preserve both.
Followers of Thral wear robes of Forest Green accented by Brown.

Erebos The Devourer-Erebos the Devourer is usually depicted as a sentient black hole, but other descriptions tell of roaming nebulae and even a humanoid form of empty robes. Erebos is said to consume entire civilizations if they displease him, causing most people to worship him out of fear more so than anything else. This god is shrouded in mystery, as he is the only god that doesn't have a definitive description or any structured forms of worship. More often than not Erebos is worshipped by the underworld of Moross, he is the one called upon to bring about great change and destruction when it is needed the most. For instance when a soldier is dying as the last of his platoon and an enemy is encroaching upon his position that soldier would call to Erebos for a miracle of absolute carnage and destruction. Erebos is the patron saint of Desctruction, Natural Disaster, and Unholy Miracles.
Followers of Erebos wear robes of Black accented by Grey.

Hali the Indulgent- Hali the indulgent can only be described in those very words. Hali is depicted as both male and female, usually called a him by his Male followers and a her by her female followers. Hali is the god of everything that could be considered “fun” and everything that couldn't be. Hali is in the truest sense of the word Chaos. This god has no plan, no goals, and no particular set of skills to be spoken of. Where His/Her brother Aatrox is known to be clever and underhanded Hali is simply known to be...mischievous. He/she is devious beyond all belief, seeking not to harm but instead to simply have what he/she deems as fun. This usually means that Hali is worshiped by those with similar goals. Most often Hali is seen as the “party” god, worshiped at parties, orgies, and everything with that nature. This however hardly covers all of Hali. She/He is also known for being simply...chaotic, causing trouble and mischief wherever he appears. Hali is barely tolerated by the other gods, making his/her coming to the mortal realm a very rare sight. Hali is the Patron of Parties, pleasure, chaos, and all things mischief.

Followers of Hali wear robes of Purple accented by Pink and Yellow.