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Approved Tech T-82A Mechanized Operations Pilot Armor

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Daral Tal'Verda

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All credit for the image goes to Respawn Games and their newest game release, TitanFall. Link: http://www.titanfall.com/uk/news/CE-Art-Book-Reveal-1
Intent: Provide those piloting exoskeletons and walkers for the CIS a suit of armor capable of providing adequate protection both inside the cockpit and out. It also maintains the capability to link the already installed HUD of the helmet to the machine being operated's statistics such as ammo and hull integrity.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
Model: T-82
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
Modularity: Yes, additional armor plates can be added, thats about it
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Carbon Fiber, Duraplast
Description: A lightweight suit of protective armor with a built in heads up display. With powered armor and other such machines still being used in the field, the need for at least some form of protection for pilots arose. The T-82 addresses this problem in the cheapest possible way. While it does provide the wearer some protection, it is intended for use INSIDE the cockpit, and once the pilot is removed from that protective shell the armor is rather substandard in terms of protection.​
Classification: Anti-Ballastic, Flame retardant
Weight: 6 kg
Quality: 4
Other Feature(s): Heads Up Display linked to users biometrics, ammo, and keeps in touch with the CIS BattleNet for orders. Weapons require a small attachment which links the weapon to the HUD. If inside a mechanized operations vehicle, it links in with all the vehicles systems and monitors their statistics.​


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@[member="CC-442 Daral"]

Please finish the submission using the armor template from the tech submission guidelines. They are as follows:

Classification: (Anti-Blaster, Anti-Ballistic, Multipurpose, Other)
Weight: (Via Metric System)
Quality: (Class-1 through Class-10 determines The armor's ultimate reliability, stopping power and strength via design and creation method. A rating of 10 being comparable to Mandalore's armor, and a rating of 1 being comparable to makeshift armor, rate yours within those boundaries. Another comparison you could make; 1-4 corresponds to light armor, 5-7 corresponds to medium armor, with 8-10 being considered heavy)
Other Feature(s): (anything else that distinguishes this armor not applicable within The other categories)

Once done, @ me and I'll judge the submission.


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@[member="CC-442 Daral"]

Alright, just a couple of things.

You state it's modular. What is modular about it? Can a wearer add more armor plates to make it more protective? Can someone add weapons into it like the Mandalorians can with wrist mounted flamethrowers and missiles? Is the HUD and on board computer system modable to where I can make it better, more specialized, or just upload a Hello Kitty background to prank fellow pilots? Please elaborate on the modular capabilities for me.

Also, you state it can monitor ammo count. Does it have to mesh with a specific rifle, is there an attachment I have to put on my weapons, or does it just somehow keep track of the bullets loaded into the magazine and how many you fire?

Finally, and this is just me nitpicking here, but I see you made it anti-blaster. Does this mean I can penetrate the armor with a slug thrower? Also, one of the main problems pilots and/or vehicle crew face is fire. Is the armor flame retardant or is it just 'regular' armor.

Go ahead and edit and then @ me and we'll go from there :p


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Something to consider, and this is up to you, and this is pretty nit-picky, but:

As @[member="Popo"] said with fire being a primary concern for armor crews, spalling is a close second. (Spalling is basically the shrapnel that happens when the vehicle takes a hit.) You may want to actually switch the anti-blaster quality to anti-ballistic quality do address the spalling issue. A crewman sitting in an armored vehicle or battlesuit is going to face less blaster fire and more fragmentation/spalling injuries.

So that's a consideration, but a choice made by you. Either choice is fine, and I'll approve it either way, so just let me know what you want to do.

Please tag me when done. Thanks! :)
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