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Approved Tech Storm + Viper

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Thanks to Samurai swords for sale

Intent: With Zaiden's recent character changes, I decided new armor and weapons are in order.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: James Armor Co
Model: Storm + Viper
Affiliation: Zaiden
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Hilt~Wood with blue armorweave lacing
Blade~Alchemical Steel
Hilt~Wood with auburn armourweave lacing
Blade~Alchemical Titanium

Forged in the burning eternal magma that is Mustafar, enchanted with Force Magics, both blades are powerful in their own seperate ways.

Storm: Blue Armorweave lines a sturdy single hand hilt, which is made of a wooden core with a Durasteel coating. Ornately carved into the very base rests a sea scape with a storm over it's break. The blade, carved as well with lightning coursing along it's edge, is only 1 meter in length with a single edge. Despite it's less then rare metals, the sword possess a capable prowess thanks to Sith Alchemy.

Viper: Auburn armorweave lacing covers the two hand hilt, which holds along it's crest an incredibly intricate snake design that leads to the head which lies on the pommel. It's blood red eyes housing obscenely expensive rubies, each scale the highest cut of emerald. The blade lies longer and broader then it's sister counterpart, but not overtly so. This sword is definitely designed for slightly more distanced combat, where it's opposite is not. It is alchemized to be capable of a lasting edge, with added lightsaber resistance.

Classification: Sword
Size: One-handed/two-handed
Length: 45cm / 60 cm
Weight: 1.23kg / 1.5kg
Other Features:
-Lightsaber resistant

Lord Ghoul

Please provide a link to the thread where Zaiden learned or self-taught Sith alchemy.


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I had a solo + at least one I did to help another (Morna imura and others but can't remember which ones) and can have him vouch. He isn't the most advanced in it's practices but he knows how to enhance metals. @[member="Mikhail Shorn"]

Skipped a step. Forgot to mention why I'm not posting the links, they got lost during the purge.
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