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Spooky, Scary Artifacts [Elizabeth]

Zahori Denko
A trip to Dantooine was much like a walk in the park. With sith control of the planet, it had surely become an interesting change of pace. Rumors were spread from the planet to other systems of sith space of a smuggler ring, hoarding jedi artifacts and, well, smuggling them off planet.

Sith won't be having that. Oh no no no.

The daughter of the Emperor grew tired of sitting on her sweet ass and decided to get some work done. She may have had no Sith master but she was damn sure gonna train herself someway, somehow. The Imperial Mission Board™ was exactly that way and how. The mission to Dantooine caught her eye like a Jedi in a sarlacc. Luckily enough, she had learned of someone else who had an interest of doing business for the Empire. Elani contacted this new face in the Empire and struck a deal for the mission: she'd get all the credits, Elani just goes for the fun and the mercenary's company.

Elani's ship landed upon the planet's surface and she waited aboard for the merc's word, signaling Elani the mission would begin.

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