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Ships burnt in fight, or forced on rocky shores, And the rash hunter strangled by the boars [ME]

Coopers Cooler
There was the murdered corpse, in covert laid,
And violent death in thousand shapes displayed;
The city to the soldier's rage resigned;
Successless wars, and poverty behind;
Ships burnt in fight, or forced on rocky shores,
And the rash hunter strangled by the boars;
The newborn babe by nurses overlaid;
And the cook caught within the raging fire he made.
- Geoffrey aliit alor Chaucer

After the Battle of Myrkr - Oyu'baat Tapcafe, Mandalore

All Mando'ade knew Oyu'baat, as it had been built and rebuilt over the centuries. The outside changed, the inside changed, it burned, it fell over, it sank into a swamp, but it always came back up. It was as Mandalorian as beskar, and an eternal part of Mandalorian society.

Kaine sat in a corner table, along with senior vode from Clan Australis, and a mix from some of the other Clans, almost all of whom had been onworld or in space during the recent Galactic Alliance assault on the Australis homeworld. They'd been drinking, and had toasted many of their fallen comrades, not gone, merely marching far away. Now they were on to the arguing, as Mando'ade settled their differences, mostly. There was no rank in this sort of discussion, mando'ade spoke their minds.

The current issue was between Kaine and an infantry Major named Jacurutu. Both men shouted back and forth at each other, showing no signs of running out of steam.

A thick bodied, no nonsense soldier, he was angry at the loss of so many of his mando'ade in a dishonourable orbital strike, and was out for blood. Kaine understood where he was coming from, but they differed on the appropriate course of action. Jac'ika, and his associates, wanted to burn Coruscant to bedrock. Kaine, well, he took issue with that idea for several reasons, upon which both men had argued at length.

Kaine, finally, upon Jacurutu stating that he was going to visit Coruscant personally, stood up. The major was half a step behind him, and they glared at each other. Kaine's voice began icy.

We are going to strike back. On that you have my word.

Jac made to speak but Kaine cut him off with a raised hand.

My word as aliit alor of Clan Australis, we will have blood for blood.

At the smiles and oyas, Kaine smiled, looking around the table.

Now it was time to lay it out.

We are going to take it out on their army. We are going to take it out on their navy. Their support personnel. Their militias. And, most certainly their leaders.

We strike clean, we strike surgically, and we DO NOT HIT CIVILIAN TARGETS.


Kaine's voice had risen to command tone, and he pounded the table with a fist for emphasis, locking eyes with anyone that wished to challenge his word and his choice of direction.

Anyone that looked in his eyes would see the fight they were going to get if they wanted to push this further with Kaine. Not the General, no rank here. This was one man's opinion among many.

Jac, when he spoke, was subdued.

They have not hesitated to hit our civilians.

Kaine didn't relent an inch.

We can do better. We are better. We are Mando'ade.

Jac looked around at his men, and they nodded.

We're with you.

Kaine grinned.

Let's kriff the chakaare up.

A chorus of oyas drowned out the last word. Kaine grabbed up his mug of ale and smashed it together with Jacurutu's and the others that leapt to their feet to join the toast.


And so, the rash hunters, their ships smashed on Myrkr shores, would feel the wrath.
The wrath of the boars.


[member="Rex Taff"] [member="Kei Raxis"] [member="Skosk Fett"] [member="Raiz Australis"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Yasha Mantis"]

Clan Australis​


King of Pumpkins
Myrkr HQ - after the battle of myrkr
The GA hadn't managed to do serious damage to the HQ at all other than some arty strikes that damaged some of the DA-7's they had out at the time. Rex watched as the cleaning up process begun. "I want 4 AT-BT's on patrol until we are sure every last civvie killing GA soldier is off planet, I ain't gonna let them just slip away quietly for burning our forests" "Yes sir." He would then walk to his ship. "Take me back to my Star destroyer and someone get Kaine on the horn, we can't get let this slide."
He was on board his ship when he started feeling a presence as they hit to atmosphere. He searched the entire drop ship eventually finding a teenage echani boy. "Hello there, no need to be frightened me name is Rex Taff, my guess is you were in those forests when they burned the way you look." He then thought for a second "How would you like to have a family and did you wanna get cleaned up when we get to my ship?" He would ask the young man.
Back on his star destroyer he allow the young man to go get cleaned and changed into some thing while he made a call to Kaine. "Kaine Aliit alor, I am on board my ship. Just got myself a new son, the young man looks like he was in the forests while they were burning. I swear Kaine we need to make their military hurt. They will soon learn not to kill our civviees and burn our forests. How does that sound?" The young man would then walk in "Ah there you are, meet Uncle Kaine, Kaine meet....." He would leave it for the young man to say his name.
[member="Tom Taff"], [member="Kaine Australis"]


King of Pumpkins
Location - Myrkr some where near people

Tom wander though the complex looking for some way to get off world. He then found a drop ship. He made his way aboard. He was filthy and black. He wanted away from here. His animal friends had all just died in the fires or where scared off by those strange soldiers not like the normal ones. The ones around here were the normal ones. He could get by them easy.

He felt the ship take off. His hopes had been correct. That was until someone found him. They were blue and not like the normal soldiers from the planet. The blue man spoke his name Rex Taff. He mentioned the burning forests and Tom nodded along with it. Then the blue man mentioned family and something about the way he said it felt right. "Yes I would like that" It was weird to hear his voice again. It had been some time since the last time he spoke.

He entered the ship and went wandering around till he was pointed to a room to refresh in and get some clothes. He cleaned up and put some clothes on. It had been so long since he had been this clean. He went to go find his adopted father. He walked in on his dad chatting with someone. He walked in and was introduce to a man named uncle Kaine. "My name is Tom, Tom Taff nice to meet you Uncle Kaine." He would then step into the room and wait.

[member="Rex Taff"], [member="Kaine Australis"]

Acaleus Thorn

CEO of Enryu Corp
His ship and a dozen hired ones were in orbit of the planet "Medical supplies from Enryu Corp requesting entry to the planet" said Venus. Acaleus was sleeping on the co-pilot sit of his AT "We need to change this ship for a newer one. Its sits are becoming uncomfortable" Of what he heard, there was a bombardment in the planet by the Galactic Alliance. The only surprising thing was that those idiots gathered once to do something fairly quick. Even so, his ships needed to get accepted into the planet. The mandos would be on high alert for any ship near their recently attacked planet.

He remembed the good old days of the Techno Union. The only reason they had to not bombard every city was to recicle the infrastructure and equipment. Because of that, their soldiers needed to be fully equip, and to be veteran}

[member='Rex Taff'] [member='Kaine Australis'] [member='Tom Taff']
“We are not hitting Coruscant. [member="Kaine Australis"] has the right idea.” Yasha Mantis tried to make her pregnant waddle at least seem intimidating. The sight of a fierce-faced Mandalorian mother-to-be, draped in beskar’gam with a sword at her hip was all she could muster.

The Galactic Alliance thought attacking Mandalorian citizens was a fair go, did they? After so small a slight? One upon which the Galactic Empire’s traitor admiral paid in full upon the Mandalorians’ heads with an orbital bombardment of the GA’s base?

“The disproportion of the Alliance’s response of the events on Dagobah must be avenged. We will not allow other galactic entities to hit our cities and our forests and burn them to the ground.” As she walked to the table, Yasha slammed her fist down hard enough to crack the wood, splitting the table in two.

“We will hit their military so hard it buckles like this table. No negotiations until after we get our blood. We avenge every single death, every single beast that died, every tree that burned. I will not be satisfied until the tables are equalized and the Alliance pays its’ debt in a crimson river.” Taking a moment to breathe, the heavily pregnant woman stood to her full six and a half foot height and stared down the cacophony of voices in the room.

“Every orphan, every wounded Mando’ad, every creature with a scar gets our assistance. We will ensure all are taken care of, and then we will return the Alliance’s tactics in our might. Oya!”

As the others around celebrated, Yasha looked to Kaine Australis. “I want to see the damage personally, Australis. Take me to Myrkr. We can coordinate with [member="Ambrose Mantis"].”

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Cassiopeia had a lot on her mind this evening. She was distracted, lost in thought. She tried to keep up with most of the conversation. She was busy remembering her wedding, her small honeymoon with Raiz. The news she found out only days before. It seemed to be a relative repeat of revenge for Myrkr. She liked the idea. But there were arguments over civilians, over animal life. Some people wanted full blood - others called for a more moderate, tactical approach.

Cassiopeia, of course, wanted the tactical approach. No destroying planets, no destroying environments, and most importantly, no killing innocent people. Mandalorians were not evil nor savages. It was the time people realized that the supposedly good ones are truly false prophets - pretending to care, pretending to be light sided but willing to massacre civilians and biological life.

She mentally scoffed at the Galactic Alliance. Their ancestors, so long ago, would be ashamed of them. She put her head on the table for a moment, suddenly feeling very nauseous. This wasn't going to be a good time for this. She took a deep breath, holding it for a few moments. The sensation subsided, but only slightly.

Cassiopeia wasn't her usual self. She had found out why only a few days prior to the meeting that she was expecting. Truly, it threw a wrench in her plans. She wasn't planning on it for years... But here she was. She kept her head laying on the table, only occasionally looking up to see what might be going on - mainly if somebody would start punching someone else. She kind of wished she could break a table like Yasha. "We're not going to hit civilians or biology - let's cripple them militarily, as the Mand'alor and General said." Did she really even need to voice her opinion at this point? It only seemed somewhat necessary.

With that in mind, she weakly nodded her head. "I also would like to go. I haven't been there since the attack. We can assess. Mandalore's terraforming is going nicely - we might can move at least some of their droids to assist in the reconstruction? Or hire a company to do something along the lines..." She put her head back down, sighing.

[member="Yasha Mantis"] | [member="Acaleus Thorn"] | [member="Tom Taff"] | [member="Kaine Australis"]

Skosk Fett

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] [member="Rex Taff"]

Location/Time : After the battle, waiting for debrief

The fight was over, and Skosk's defense had suffered many casualties from sniper fire during the charge. The commander of this defense was credited with forty confirmed kills himself. With his men killing several dozens of the regiment that had assaulted the choke point. However, over thirty percent of his men that were rallied to the front were killed, and twenty percent more wounded according to statistics coming in over broadcast. Children, and mothers who could not make it to shelter in time were murdered, killed in cold blood by these foreign invaders . The formidable tank of a being had fought valiantly however, the people who had died were not his fault. However he felt much anger , his body language hostile , frustrated and tight. While many of these children and mother would have gone to manda , they never had the chance to fulfill their purpose in life. What stories would they have with their ancestors to share? What adventure? Nothing, and that is what infuriated the horned beast the most.The warrior awaited Ambrose for debriefing, had he not been reinforced by his troops , the 85th street would have fallen, along with the city.

Shia Kryze

Queen of Strong Style
Shia nodded to [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] then spoke up.

"Kryze have teams on the ground, it's... bad, but it would be worse. We're looking at an eight percent ecological die-back in the burn-zones. But we're Mando'ade - we've rebuilt this planet from ashes more than once."

She raised a fist in the old hunters gesture to commence a hunt.

"We can do it again, here or anywhere else."
Coopers Cooler

The Mand'alor had spoken, and that was enough for the General. His men and women looked to him, even as he looked to Yasha for leadership and guidance. She was less than half his age, but age was in this case just a number. She'd earned her scars, by Kad.

Kaine whacked the table one more time.

To Myrkr, then, let's all have another look at the Alliance's handiwork. Honour our dead.

He let his Mando'ade shuffle out, theyd lead the way to transports nearby that would convey the Mand'alor and the rest of the party from Sundari spaceport to the fleet above, and then out to the Myrkr system.

Hyllyard City would be their destination, the principal and only major spaceport onworld.

Kaine made to walk beside Yasha as they made their way to the exit of the beloved tapcafe.

It'll be an honour to show you what we've done with the place. The Alliance hurt us, but they didn't even begin to break what we've built out there. Clan Australis has been busy. We dealt with their attack force well enough, thanks to our vode.

[member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Skosk Fett"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Tom Taff"]
“Dang straight it’s an honour.” Yasha smirked out of the side of her mouth, in this private moment with [member="Kaine Australis"]. While in public, Yasha was cold, serious and usually deeply quiet, in the privacy of her family and closest friends, the girl took on much more of her mother’s spunk. The tragedy of Myrkr could have been worse, if not for Australis and his clan.

The warriors of Manda’yaim and her Empire defended with the pride and honour of their ancestors, to keep their descendants safe from all alarm.

Straining to walk without too much of a pregnant waddle, Yasha found herself breathless. She stopped momentarily, stroking her hand on her belly to breathe. “Knowing you and Raiz, we’ll have to keep being creative to avoid further attacks. I’ve got more faith in you than a candle has that a match will light it… am I being selfish, Kaine? For keeping my Mantle in the condition I’m in? You wouldn’t happen to want the job, eh? We should hurry… or I would hurry if this baby stops punching me in the kidney every second and a half.”

Mirkier was worth inspecting, it was worth seeing how her Mando’ade handled conflict. There were wars and battles on the horizon. Yasha could feel it in the galactic winds.

Hylland City

[member="Ambrose Mantis"] sat on an empty munitions box, surveying the work of the troops left from the skirmish. These lesser lived species got to their tasks expediently in a way the old Gurlanin had to admire. Just as the battles brought his blood to warm, so the act of rebuilding brought the Mando'ade to a place of might and virtue. His Yalilyr worked around him, coordinating hunts for food, scouting damage, and reporting in from around the city.

"[member="Skosk Fett"]. [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"]. Report for debriefing." Ambrose said behind his matte black beskar'kandar beskar'gam. It was high time.

Acaleus Thorn

CEO of Enryu Corp
"Venus. Command them to spread our ships, i will send them communication lines later, then land this ship near their HQ" "You can tell them yourself cutie pie" said the pilot mocking him, while Acaleus mouth opened "Are you serious?! Ugh you are a pain sometimes. Enryu pilots, spread to the visually affected spots on the planet" "Roger cutie pie" said the other pilots in unison "I will have my revenge..." whispered the assassin, while everyone laughed

Acaleus walked out after his ship landed, without carrying his weapons. When he entered the room, he did a simple bow "Acaleus Thorn, ex member of the Obsidian Order, and owner of Enryu Corp at your service [member="Ambrose Mantis"] , [member="Yasha Mantis"] . My ships are currently aiding some of your population. Im at your service" said before standing "I can be your shadow, your blade or your hammer"

Vyk Girani

Well-Known Member
Abandoned Sith Laboratory, Myrkr
During Battle of Myrkr

Vila's eyes never left Silas as he approached. She saw the decision in his eyes, and she accepted it. As he crept closer on his injured leg, she reached over and removed the Beskad from her left hand sheath and made it pierce the ground at her feet, then followed suit with her right hand blade. She then reached over and released the gauntlet of her left hand, the light shield faded as the gauntlet fell next to her beskad. She couldn't do the same for her right, as her left hand had stopped responding, but she made no move to use the flamethrower on her right arm.

"I am Vila Sayne, of no clan. My parents are Dar'manda, and I had hoped to overcome that. I failed." They weren't glorious last words, merely honest ones. She hadn't overcome the shame of her parents dishonor, merely compounded it with her actions in this war. Despite the gaping void of failure opening up in her stomach, no tears stained her eyes, and she did not shut them against the pain, nor her coming death.

As the blade pierced her side, slowly sliding in through the under armor she wore, her right hand rose and went to grasp the back of Silas's head. She wanted to look into his eyes as she died. She had never met this Mandalorian before this day, but he was vod nonetheless.

"I failed." She muttered, as the blade pierced her heart. The world went dark to her, and the strength left her limbs.

Vila's body fell beside the crossed beskads of her parents. Even in death, the shadow of their shame fell over her. Yet, unlike them, her blood spilled onto Manda'yaim, the water of life draining into the soil that would one day be rejuvenated and see the rise of Mandalorians to what they had once been. To what they should always have been.
Light returned to Vila, as her eyelids attempted to slide open. A sticky substance covered them, providing resistance and a blur to her vision. She blinked a few times, but the sticky substance remained, all she could see was a dull light before her.

Her ears pricked up next, the sounds around her invading her consciousness. A low warble that sounded like a faraway alarm, and the hiss of air pushing through a small series of holes.

She tried to lift her hands, to clear her eyes and see if there was anything wrong with her ears. Her limbs, though, felt heavy as a bar of pure beskar, her muscles seemed barely able to move them.

When she was finally able to lift them, her ears heard a dull thunk as they hit a plexiglass lid.

Adrenaline spiked in her, though she still only had a vague idea of who she was, and no idea of where she was or what was happening. Her limbs felt a little better withthe spike of adrenaline, and she tried to push at the lid, but her hands lacked any sort of leverage from where they were. She refused to panic, as she tried to press her body against the lid to push it clear that way.

After a moments hesitation, the lid fell away, and she began to fall to the floor. She was stopped as she became suspended by a series of lines that pulled strangely on her arms, back, and legs. She was finally able to clear the substance from her eyes, something that smelled like a combination of bacta and petroleum jelly, as the sound of the alarm grew louder, closer.

She then looked around, and saw that lines were hooked into nodules embedded in the skin of her arms, and she assumed the same of her back and legs. She took a deep breath of air, the smell of burned wiring mixing in with the bacta scent now as more air circulated to her. She strained against the lines for a few moments, then they released as if they sensed that she would pull them out one way or another.

Her fall to the floor completed, belatedly, and she found herself on hands and knees in what remained of a bacta bath. She took a moment to breath before looking around her, and saw the remains of a laboratory of some sort.

Memories buzzed around her head, though only one seemed to make any sense.

"I failed."

Her own voice echoed in her head, but she had no recollection of this place. The last thing she remembered was feeling a blade slide up beneath her ribs, then stop as it pierced her...

"I died..." Her voice sounded hoarse, even to her own ears. "...enough, Vila, we need to get up and get moving. We can figure out what's going on later." She finished to herself, then made a mental note to stop talking to herself. She felt it was good that she could find amusement in such a disconcertingly strange experience.

She stood up, ignoring the nodules on her arms when they came into clear view, as well as whatever was augmenting her vision. She imagined that her vision was utterly normal, as she remembered, and whether by the power of her mind or something else entirely, her vision cleared.

"First order of business..." She muttered, ignoring her previous note to herself as she noticed her nude form, " and armor." Her next mental note consisted of a joke about her feeling like she was naked without armor on[SIZE=10.5pt], and she knew that she'd be ok.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10.5pt]Once she got out of here.[/SIZE]


After the Battle of Myrkr - Oyu'baat Tapcafe, Mandalore

Within the laboratory, she had been able to find her armor, apparently repaired during whatever time she had been kept there. The penchant to wear the all encompassing armor, and general chaos of the battle above the secret laboratory had allowed Vila to make it back to Mandalore once the battle had finished. She didn't have any idea what her status with the Mandalorian government was, but over the intervening days she had learned that Ra's rule, for he had won the Civil War, was over.

She hoped that meant she wouldn't be instantly branded as Dar'manda for fighting on Mia Monroe's side, once that tidbit was known. Her only goal right now was to try to rejoin Mandalorian society and find out what had happened to her.

And find out what all had been done to her.

As she moved into the tapcafe, she removed her helmet. To outward appearances, she knew that she was little different. Still a redhead with tanned skin. Her augmentations, for she knew she was augmented somehow, were all subdermal. She didn't see anyone who was very familiar, but moved to the most secluded section as she took in what was going on. She wasn't meek, but recent events had her shaken to her core, and she needed time to figure things out.

Skosk Fett

[member="Yasha Mantis"]

Skosk looked at the Death Watch leader, and famed war veteran of many battles for the mandode. "I would like to get to the first bit of business sir. I believe every survivor that followed my orders here should be commended as hero's. Each and everyone here did as ordered and fought as a true son of mandayaim should . The defense managed to kill six of the enemy for every causality that they inflicted." , the brute stood at attention having admirable respect for the being that saved the defenders of the eighty fifth street. The horned being began to frown, "However we took a lot of casualties, we took thirty percent casualties. Unfortunately because of my ordered frontal charge to take out their shielded position." .

The warrior was feeling guilty about many of his vod dying , as if it was his fault somehow. Many on the outside would look at what others had spoken of him, and the results of his orders, and could objectively say he made the situation have its best possible outcome. "At the end we are able to finally drive them back after you hit their snipers, and reinforcements. Artillery fire was also a factor that had helped take out many of the enemy before they got to us. As you can also see on the report, I was forced to destroy a few building in order to create a choke-point , we used this choke point as our initial kill zone." .

The dutiful soldier pointing at the map to show its strategic importance, "Initially we were able to kill a few of them, however. Due to a portable shield and most of us using most of our munitions to create the choke point our only option was to chage the shield position, or lose the city due to them flooding troops through that area." . The attention of the former soldier of fortune tended to the aftermath, " I was not properly prepared for a siege and I take responsibility for not having an MBE Comm. The quartermaster was suppose to have one installed next week to my bucye, I have myself at your mercy for evaluation. " . He was a an NCO at the time, apart of Kaine's army, who had been known to have a knack for blowing things up.As a mandalorian bound by duty he took full responsibility, expecting severe consequences from his superior Ambrose, a man of The Death Watch.


King of Pumpkins
Rex would leave his new son on the Valkyrie that was orbiting the planet. His men where on the ground helping who they could. But [member="Ambrose Mantis"] had summoned him to the ground again. So he went. It wasn't long before his shuttle touched down with him in full gear. He would walk up to where [member="Skosk Fett"], [member="Acaleus Thorn"] and Amborse was. Rex was a member of Clan Australis but he had no official rank within the military. It was just that the Australis boys knew of his tactics and his mind. That was why they had listened to him. He had lost some artillery but nothing that couldn't be replaced.

Rex would listen to Skosk. He knew the man could have made better decisions but even at that point Rex would have done the same thing. He finally spoke when the man was finished "Rex Taff Australis at your service. I was looking after the base we took no causalities thanks to some quick thinking for some of the artillery crews who took down their cruiser. We lost 3 artillery guns but other wise we are good. Currently Have double the patrols around the base with hunter-killer teams finding the last of the GA's forces." He would stop for a moment.

"I regret to say that I have no place currently within the Mandalorian military. However the people listened to me due to knowing my methods and ways. I will take any charges for being a civilian taking over part of the mandalorian military." He would stand still and await the punishment.
Loyal Dog. Yalilyr
The way to [member="Yasha Mantis"] is blocked by Death Watch, my Aliit. Ka’lo handed me a canteen, and my straw flips so I can drink my fill before passing the water back to my wife. It hits my mind that this will be the last season without pups of our own, her petitions for a litter are too ferocious and rational to ignore. If it wasn’t for my armour, the men and women might even see a tired smile on my face. It doesn’t last as the rubble catches my eyes again. [member="Acaleus Thorn"] walks in, pledging to be any number of weapons for Mand’alor. Good. We need weapons.

“Continue helping the people, and if it is in your abilities, I could use a shadow tracing the attack back to all the perpetrators. I want all their heads. Welcome to the Mando’ade.”

I grunted as the pups all spoke in their turns. Soldiers, military men, civilians. Mando’ade all, or close enough to conversion that I feel comfortable speaking at all.

“Your commendation stands. Let all who battled beside us be rewarded both in song and in the commendation of Death Watch. The fallen will be grieved and laid to rest. We already began digging the grave.” A macabre thought to many species across the Galaxy, was the Mandalorian use of mass graves in times of war or tragedy. What do we need individual plots for, when all who died for Manda become one mind? One consciousness? There is no true rank about capability and Mando’ad.

“Buildings can be rebuilt. Lives cannot. You saved the civilians around you, and despite communication breakdown you held your lines. Good work.”

The Demolition man, [member="Skosk Fett"], he took the death of his men and women hard, the gut punch of battle souring his stomach. Good. I can use him in future, and he will serve well, taking care of those under his command as if they were aliit.

“You’re a warrior? You’re fit to serve. We are Mando’ade, Taff. Not back-broken Southern reachers, who toil under protocols. I expect each of the Mando’ade past their Verd’goten to be capable to take up arms and fight off the threats which availed us. Take that regret and shove it.” Unkind, but truthful words. I have no time for all else but the truth. [member="Rex Taff"]

“We lost many Mando’ade to Manda. They march on, to that place we all will go. Mourn them by remembering their names. By providing for their orphans as if they were your own blood and kin. Do not mourn them by regret. Mand’alor the Infernal is incoming on our position. Be prepared for further orders. I will not rest until my jaws are slaked on the blood of the Alliance Herd.”