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Rank Title Rework


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Hey everyone,

Staff has decided to rework a lot of the Rank Titles that are available to members. We understand that some of you, especially new members, might not like being unable to request Rank Titles after making a character. One of the reasons that Staff has the current rules in place for Rank Titles is because we have over 100 that we have to sift through every time there is a request - and we can't just Control + F through the list.

Now, Staff is reworking the Rank Titles so we can be lenient on the Rules - or perhaps get rid of them entirely. Here is what we are doing:
  • Removing Faction titles for defunct Factions or those that have gone Minor.
  • Removing Species Titles, since they are not in high use and can be conveyed via the Character's Profile Picture.
  • Removing many other titles that are in little use, and some that aren't even in use at all.
  • Removing Faction Leader titles, since they are in use only by very few people at a time.
  • Merging similar titles and making them more gender and faction neutral in order to be more inclusive.
  • Finally, making some new Rank Titles that will help merge a few.
When the rework is finished, all Rank Titles removed or merged will be posted in an announcement thread for people to use in their signatures.

Let us know what you think.


Aww man, but I worked to get that 'Flash Master of Pan Flute' tag for weeks!

*Whine, sob, denial, rage, etc etc etc.*

Darth Vazela

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@[member="Spencer Jacobs"]

Dark Jedi seems such a degrading term, from my point of view. Can't be helped though, some of the Authors who wrote actual canon weren't imaginative when they came up with the history of the Sith, haha.