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Project Schwere Daala

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Aedelgar Krakengard

Engineers! Scientists! Moffs! Admirals! In this post is my proposal for a new type of weapon/ship that will give us a tactical edge against other larger fleets. This weapon will allows to break any siege and break up the formation of any fleet no matter the size (or so is my hope).

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Project Schwere Daala
The key to this proposal, is the ArcHammer. I personally, love this ship. But, I have noticed that the long bow can be used for another more deadly effect. The bow is just long enough that the usual contents can be cleared and the insides can be replaced with what effectively is a Particle Accelerator Railgun (PAR).

Now what is a PAR? Let, here is a nice introduction:
A plasma railgun is a linear accelerator which, like a projectile railgun, uses two long parallel electrodes to accelerate a "sliding short" armature. However, in a plasma railgun, the armature and ejected projectile is comprised purely of plasma, or hot, ionized, gas-like particles, instead of a solid slug of material.
Now, here are some advantages of this tech:

1. Most battleships in this universe (our site's) use Turbolasers. A PAR is a plasma weapon, as plasma it is a large dense beam of excited particles that burn (mostly) through any type of metal.

2. Also it has a large area of effect. Now the beam itself is small in radius, but the area of heat that it displaces can melt away a ship if it is too close to the beam. Not to mention, as the excerpt says, it releases a HUGE spray of Ionized Particles...so it also works like a Ion Cannon with a wider effect.

3. The density of heat and power of a PAR outclasses a Turbolaser. Therefore, a PAR Cannon can outclass any thing that can counter it

So you might ask, this will never get past admins. Here are some counters:

1. You never know until you try

2. I have some pretty heavy counters to its benefits:
A. The heat generated in the barrel of the cannon, means it needs RIDICULOUS cool down time. Even in a vacuum, it needs significant cool down.
B. It may have a huge gun, but besides that it has very little self defence. Maybe a few point defence guns.
C. It is mainly used for breaking sieges and breaking formations before retreating to the rear.

Hope to get a dev thread up soon.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
One point: It would be Project Schwere Daala (Schwerer is masculine, you'd be using the feminine adjective for Daala).

Aedelgar Krakengard

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Agreed. xD