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Faction New Group Created - Free Mandalore

Marina DeVoe

Not a flight attendant... just a flight risk.
To the remnants of a proud people, I would wish to be accepted as an ally. I'm in no way making light of the subject matter. I've entered a few campaigns as an ally to the Mandos. Latest one had been Operation Hammerfall: Sith/Mando invasion 28, 60, 85, 101, 193, 200, 220
The numbers are post numbers for you to look up as reference. I put effort and details into my posts.
Aside from that campaign there was Onderon with the Raxix Clan breaking that system away from The free World Coalition. I was part of the FWC and aided those whom opposed the Raxis movement.
I was there for Commenor and for other systems under sith attacks. I do what I could in aiding with medical supplies, evacuations and such. I am not a fighter in the sense of picking up arms. But I will fight with all my ability and resources to help those who suffer under sith, Imperial and other oppressive domination. I do it as a humanitarian.
There is courage and honor even for those whom do not choose to kill. I don't believe i have the hate in my heart to ever kill, but I will put my life on the line for those whom are in need of hope.
I will not be in the way and expect no quarter if fodder hits the fan.
All I ask is to be allowed to also help those whom you are fighting for.

Kaine Australis Kaine Australis