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Qae Shena

Super Shaper Puppy!

Intent: To make a freighter! Yaaaaaaay.
Development Thread: WIP
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Model: The Nemesis
Affiliation: Zim Jih'keta
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel alloy

Classification: Light freighter
Role: Transport, smuggling
Height: 11.2 metres
Width: 26.8 metres
Length: 34.2 metres
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar ionization reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 3
Armaments: 1x quad heavy laser cannon, 1x tractor beam projector
Non-Combative Attachments: Navigation, communication & sensor package, smuggling compartments, escape pods, stygium cloaking device, fake transponder codes
Passenger Capacity: 15
Cargo Capacity: 80 metric tons
Consumables: 3 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 4.0

The Nemesis is a unique beast. First commissioned by a smuggler who had no idea what the heck they were doing with their lives, this ship ultimately ended up in the hands of Zim Jih'keta, who found it - crashed and trashed out in the Dune Sea. With a little fixing up and some guidane, the ship was restored to its former glory, made ready to take to the stars with all manner of illicit cargo. This ship was, needless to say, expensive. Men have died for it, the crew all lost - it is, apparently, cursed, but that remains to be seen. Said curse has people hearing voices when they find the ship, left alone.

To that end, the Nemesis is lightly armed (mostly) and built more for speed than it is for fighting. Add a stygium cloaking device to the mix and the ship is hard to find and detect in the end, where it can escape detection or a government patrol all in one. On top of this, the ship has some smuggling compartments hidden under the deckplates with a very, very thin layer of neuranium, making it difficult to detect the contents inside, making them ideal for hiding small amounts of cargo. To generate additional power, the ship has four solar panel wings, using tech similar to TIE fighters. And, finally, it has a number of fake names it can go under on sensor transponders, which can be changed by the pilot as need be.

True to Zim's form, there have been some after-market modifications. Some of the cargo space has been turned into party space, of all things, which essentially meant less cargo but more passenger space, and it shows; the ship is designed for the smuggler with something in mind. Simple enough to work with, this ship can be a mobile home, a way of life and a dancefloor all in one, making it one of the more... unique vessels out.
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