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  • Intent: To create a super heavy transport capable of supporting ground operations
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  • Permissions: None
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  • Provides an outstanding safe landing zone for ground troops
  • Capable of carrying a wealth of troops and armoured vehicles directly into a battle zone
  • Well protected with overlapping shields and heavy armour plating
  • Once landed, becomes a powerful land fortress with long range weapons
  • Not designed to slug it out in space with other capital ships, only her dorsal heavy turrets are capable of engaging big ships
  • By virtue of her heavy fitout and large carrying capacity, this is a slow and unwieldy vessel while in motion
  • The stern of the vessel and the engine section is less well protected than the heavily armoured front and flanks

With a request from the fledgling government to fill the need for a heavy transport for the Mandalorian Union, MandalArms' options identified two options, a refit of he ubiquitous LAAT/X gunship, swapping out the cargo bay for a docking clamp, as had been done during the Clone Wars, or design an entirely new vessel. The latter option sought to also provide a solution for an easily deployable garrison base, fulfilling two pressing needs with one design. This latter option became the One MB, later dubbed the Kaine-Class in honour of the late Alor and founder of MandalArms; Kaine Australis. The vessel also became referred to simply as 'the Boar' or "the Boar-Class" after the signet of Clan Australis; a very angry looking Boar.

Possessing the size and mass suited more to a heavy cruiser, the Boar-class appears as if a warship, slab-sided armoured hull and well fortified command deck. The only clue to her true nature is the significant lack of capital class weaponry, as the Boar-class is designed to fight as a land-based fortress, not a starship.

The vessel is not fast, nor is it agile, with much of its outer hull and inner framework made from solid Turadium or Mandalorium alloy, making for a durable, but extremely heavy craft. The Kaine-class is, however, capable of entering a planet's atmosphere and carrying out a combat landing. Heavy shields and thick armour allow it to make a landing zone where none exists, in most cases, big and tough enough to go where it wishes, and take its precious cargo safely to where it wishes to go.

Once on the ground, the Boar becomes a command centre that is immediately capable of taking full control of the battlespace for miles around. Its sensors provide it with a clear picture of the area, and find targets for its strategic missiles, heavy howitzers, and megamasers. Any enemy units, be they ground or air, closer to the Boar can find themselves blasted into oblivion by heavy beam weapons, or shot to pieces by heavy railguns and autocannons. Key sections of the vessel, such as the hangar and main bridge are protected by advanced Xythan force shields, making for a secure design, with few weak points.

The comprehensive presence of this command centre, which can also deploy several full fighter squadrons from the bow hangar, makes for an immediate safe zone for friendly units to disembark from behind heavy shields and armour plate. The Mandalorian ground forces can quickly move out, covered by the heavy guns of the massive fortress, and shielded overhead by the fighters and strike craft from its hangars.