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Approved NPC [MCA] The Jare'rami'kade

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Kaine leading the four original Jare'ramikade


  • Unit Size: Small
  • Unit Availability: Unique
  • Unit Experience: Elite
  • Combat Function: They are not subtle, they are but four, and due to the length of training and time taken, also because the rest of the unit would be forced to train the replacement, any loss is catastrophic to unit cohesion, morale and readiness. They are an elite team, and the loss of any one member decreases the whole a lot more than a twenty five percent drop in effectiveness.
  • Such an elite unit is equipped with the finest armour, weapons, and utilities credits can buy.
  • They eat, sleep, train, and serve together as a team, very rarely, if ever, working or spending time apart. They have no families or distractions outside of their lives as Jare'ramikade.
  • When equipped in AEG Armour, they will be protected by Force-blocking bubbles
  • Though this is a very elite unit, they are few in number, and though capable, can be overwhelmed by a sustained assault by massive numbers.
  • Likewise they are ill equipped to deal with armour or vehicular assault, being primarily heavy infantry.
Historical Information:

The four members were selected on merit from part of a training cadre Kaine had been working with from the Mandokar Knights and the other Assault divisions. One of Kaine's Ori'rami'kade made the cut, Vevut, the former head of the now defunct group. Vevut is the epitome of a supercommando, tough human of some fourty years, quiet but cheeky, and very very competent. He had been Kaine's right arm for a long time, and despite the disgrace of the arrest, Kaine insisted on his reinstatement.

The second and third members of the team are Darzeka and Eltanin, Gurlanin pack brothers, from a Clan Kaine had known long ago on Qiilura. They are the last two members of a lost Clan, and consider Kaine a pack brother, as Kaine considers them family. Having already joined Clan Australis some time before, the brothers had joined the 4th Assault Division, but never quite taken to the organization. They'd been taken aside and offered specialist commando training in the interim, while the 4th itself was put on hiatus due to political considerations. Both are skilled warriors, over a hundred standard years old, and linked, able to communicate instantly with one another.

The fourth and final member of the team is Bors. Having served with the Mandalorians first as a mercenary, during Concord Dawn, and subsequently with the Australis regulars on Myrkr, the usually silent but hulking Besalisk behemoth met General Kaine during a briefing. The two exchanged harsh words, and brawled, with Bors commenting that were they not on Myrkr he would rip the General's spine out with the shabla Force. Kaine had laughed, as had the other Mando'ade, and drinks were had. Kaine found that Bors had trained as a Sith knight, but left because of the lack of worthy challenge, and, hiding his sensitivity on Myrkr, had joined the Mandalorians. Kaine offered to give Bors the challenge of his long life. Bringing the four Jare'rami'kade together, Kaine had given each of them renewed purpose.

The five of them stood together in Kaine's cell in the Sundari Palace on Manda'yaim, and swore an oath of brotherhood. They would stand for Clan Australis, and for Mandalore, and if death came, they would face it together, and drink together in the Manda. If it should be fated that they fell, so be it, they would not sell their lives easily, nor cheaply, and they would never, ever, kneel.

For over a decade, these beings fought bravely for Clan Australis, and for Mandalore. It was not until the second Battle of Mandalore that they suffered a casualty. Vevut, leader of the Jare'rami'kade, fell in battle at Sundari. This loss hit the unit hard, and a period of downtime was mandated while a replacement was found and trained, and the unit rebonded. Bors was selected to replace Vevut as commander of the unit, and took up the responsibility of selection, along with his brothers Gurlanin.

Added to the team after an extensive search was a Ryn commando by the name of Saphi. Experienced beyond most of the other candidates, she was known to the remaining three Jare'rami'kade, which made it easier than selecting a total stranger. They had met Saphi during their initial training, her specialty was longrifles, and there were few better in the art of finding a perch, hiding, and taking out your target from distance.

Now whole once again, the Jare'rami'kade stand firm, ready to take on all the enemies of Clan Australis and the Mandalorian people. No matter the cost. Sephi stood with her new brothers in the strategium of the Clan's flagship; the Scythe, and swore the vow, as her brothers reaffirmed theirs; If it should be fated that they fell, so be it, they would not sell their lives easily, nor cheaply, and they would never, ever, kneel.

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