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Approved Location Manda'yaim Solus

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  • Intent: To flesh out the main shipyards in the Mandalore system
  • Image Credit: Link
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Solar Shipyard
  • Shipyards Name: Manda'yaim Solus (Mandalorian solar shipyard)
  • Classification: Gargantuan Shipbuilding Facility
  • Location: Located near the photosphere of the Mandalore primary star
  • Affiliation: Mandalorian Empire
  • Population: Sparsely Staffed, Large droid crew and automation.
  • Accessibility: Official ME military access only. Well defended in the centre of the Mandalore system, located close enough to the star that arriving ships must approach with caution.
  • Description: A huge station with a spherical central section connected to outer large fin-like pylons that stretch from far above the centre down to the solar collectors at the lower tips. Colossal docking ports along her central section open to allow egress for even the largest vessels.
  • Production: Fighters, transports, capital craft
  • Specialty: Military vessels
  • Output: The concentrated and large-scale nature of the facilities allows for significant output
  • Market: Primarily the Mandalorian Empire, some very limited private sales
Security is accounted for with the secure location within the Mandalorian system, the ready availability of Mandalorian Empire fleet assets to defend the station, and its proximity to the system's star, which necessitates heavy shielding on the station itself.


  • Main Docks : These huge recieving facilities are capable of docking everything from fighters and freighters to large transports and even destroyer-class capital ships. Stacked with maintenance bays and repair drydocks, this area is always a hive of activity, second only to the production decks themselves.
  • Production Facilities : Taking up a large section of the station, these droid manned and fully automated factories convert the raw materials and energy to productive use, constructing everything from microcomponents to hull sections. Droids of every shape and size work tirelessly day and night to continue production of the products that the Solar Shipyard turns out.
  • Solar Collectors : Located at the very base of the station, this heavily shielded section collects the solar energy and stellar plasma that fuels the station's production output. These sections are capable of funneling the vast amounts of power and raw materials the station requires to keep functioning and producing.
  • Command Deck : At the very apex of the station's spherical section is the command deck. With monitors for all station activity as well as a decent sensor setup to monitor solar activity and the surrounding space, this is where the station's staff keep an eye on proceedings.


Constructed to fill a need for a primary shipbuilding facility located conveniently close to Manda'yaim, the production of the Solar Shipyard necessitated cooperation among multiple clans and corporations under the banner of the Empire to build such a colossal station.

Though there was some controversy about percieved risk to the star, MandalArms pushed the project ahead despite objections, and once the station became operational and productive, most of the objections became rather muted, as the safety and reliability of the massive station became apparent to all.

Now situated right at the centre of the Mandalore system, she is a shining beacon of the resurgence of Manda'yaim, and a valuable asset to the Mandalorian Empire, standing large, in charge, and underlying the rebuilding of Manda'yaim, her fleet, and her growing military might.

Neri Rashal

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Accessibility: Well defended in the centre of the Mandalore system, located close enough to the star that arriving ships must approach with caution
Who can access this? Is it open to the public, only accessible to those with clearance by the ME? Or something even more limited?
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