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Approved Tech MandalArms XSR-84 "Behemoth" DMR

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  • Intent: To create a mastercrafted rifle
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link:N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Magnetic Accelerator
  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Model: XSR-84
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market, MandalArms
  • Modularity: Yes (Barrel, over and under-barrel attachments)
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Dallorian Alloy, Ferrocarbon, Hadrium, Denscris, Silicar
  • Classification: Railgun
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Railgun ammo, power cell. Power cells are integrated into the magazine.
  • Ammunition Capacity: 50
  • Reload Speed: Low
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: Average
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: High
  • Very high muzzle velocity allows projectiles to be launched at fantastic speeds, making them nigh impossible to dodge, and providing a significant kinetic impact.
  • Magnetic clamps on grips prevent weapon being easily removed from user's hands
  • EMP Resistant to small scale interference such as an ion grenade
  • Onboard e-systems allow for seamless link with HUD
  • Very resistant to wear and external damage.
  • High round velocity and durability with frangible core supports penetration and internal damage.
  • A larger, powerful enough EMP will reboot the weapon's onboard system, disabling it for several seconds.
  • The weapon's unique design makes it incompatible with other forms of ammunition.
  • Significant recoil makes accurate rapid fire very difficult.
  • Excessive use of autofire will cause heat-shutdown for five seconds.

Primary Firing Mechanisms
MandalArms has been working on extensive upgrades for the MandalArms Railgun series. Their rail guns launche a round at much more powerful speeds than Gauss weapons while being very susceptible to barrel degradation, overheating, being louder, and increased recoil. MandalArms however has addressed these issues to contain the negative effects by decreasing the base rate of fire and magazine sizes in the rail guns series. This does not mean though that the issues are completely gone and that they are not susceptible to its problems. Routine maintenance is still required just like any other firearm.

EMP Resistance
MandalArms' unique construction and materials selection allows their XSR and SR-series firearms to resist basic ionic and EMP inteference, such as Ion grenades. They are however, overwhelmed by larger and more powerful effects such as an Ion cannon, or EMP from a nuclear blast, which forces them to shut down and restart, disabling the weapon for several seconds, which can be an eternity in close combat.

To cut down on recoil, MandalArms has made the inner components of their firearms with a number of metals in addition to its recoil dampening stocks: Condensed-matter composite which was originally designed to distribute forces evenly across a vehicle to prevent any harmful structure vibrations caused by powerful engines and trace amounts of neutronium which was known for its ultra-dispersive characteristics. Despite these upgrades, the Railguns still had a sizeable recoil. This is compensated in the rifle-class weapons with inertial compensators unsuitable for pistol-sized weaponry.

Overpenetration and Regular Rounds
Rounds were made to act like frangible rounds in which the rounds would shatter after striking the target. Often the round would penetrate and then shatter, enabling penetration yet allowing the kinetic force of the round to dissipate into the target, causing massive kinetic and internal damage.

Overheating of Railguns and Round
Dallorian alloy which was naturally resistant to heat, was used in the primary components for preventing the firearms from overheating. In addition, the firearm used a small cooling system. However, excessive use still caused the firearms to overheat on occasion if constantly being used in the automatic setting. If the firearm overheated due to the user ignoring the heating display, the firearm would shut down after five more seconds of ignoring the warnings and remain off until the weapon cooled down which could take several seconds.

Barrel Degradation and Rounds
To reduce barrel degradation and damage to rounds, the firearms made use of the alloys hadrium, and Denscris, which had a high melting point, as well as Silicar.
Coopers Cooler
[member="Adron Malvern"] Sorry I should clarify, the weapon is EMP resistant, in that it would ignore a slight EMP effect, or be forced to shutdown and reboot with a powerful effect, but its not immune to EMP.
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Either in Weaknesses or the Description, please go into a bit more detail on the ION weaponry that could knock the device out for a bit. Basically just reiterate what we just said here.
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