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Approved Starship MandalArms Rex-Class Command Cruiser

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Coopers Cooler
Rex-Class Firing primary weapons

  • Intent: A command-level cruiser for command rank ME personnel
  • Image Source: Link - Link
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: None
  • Classification: Command Cruiser
  • Length: 900 meters
  • Width: 550 meters
  • Height: 200 meters


    Primary Armament
  • Armament: Very High
    2 x Ventral MT-165 Long Range Turbolasers
  • Defenses: High
    Advanced Military Deflector Shields
    Mandalorian Steel Armor Plating
    Anti-Starfighter Flak Cannons
    Anti-Starfighter Point Defense Laser Cannons
    Dampner Aerosol Missiles
  • Hangar: Low : 1
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2
  • Electronic Warfare Suite
  • Socketguard
  • De-Ionizer
  • Dedicated Cryptographic Section
  • Full-Spectrum Distortion Projectors
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Advanced Hyperwave Signal Jammer
  • Holonet Transciever

  • Long Range Communication System

  • Communication Wave De-scrambler

  • Frequency Jammer

  • Hyperwave Transceiver

  • Armory

  • Barracks

  • Basic crew quarters

  • Officers Quarters

  • Captain's Cabin

  • Starfighter maintenance and repair facility

  • Anti-intruder defences

  • Life Support

  • Inertial Damper

  • Military Grade Sensor Package

  • Life Form Indicator

  • Aural Sensor

  • Com-scan

  • Life Form Indicator

  • Long-range Sensors

  • Targeting Laser

  • Targeting Sensor

  • Tri-Tracker

  • Wide-range Sensor

  • Anti-ion Emission Tracer

  • MBE-1
  • Missile Deactivation Transmitters
  • Powerful communications and electronic warfare suites make this a solid command vessel
  • Significant long range firepower
  • Able to deal effectively with starfighter and missile threats
  • Unable to hit back in close range engagement with enemy capital ships
  • Particularly vulnerable on the aft quarter due to lack of point defences there
  • Huge power generation makes vessel vulnerable to catastrophic explosion
  • Main weapons are vulnerable to external damage to rotary barrel
Description: Designed as a specialised command-level vessel for the Mandalorian Empire, following the resurgence of Manda'yaim, the return from diaspora, and the gradual rebuild of the Empire into an effective and capable fighting force; the Rex Class is intended as a prestigious reward for capable fleet officers, both to serve aboard, and ultimately, command from. The Captain's Cabin, right off the main bridge, is by far the most spacious and luxurious room on the ship.

With a well protected command bridge, decent armor and quality shields, she is a solid gun platform, with her two powerful main guns allowing the fleet commander to have a personal shotgun of sorts. The sophisticated cryptographic and sensor sections give the commander an unparalleled view of the battlespace, and the ability to intercept and even interdict enemy sensors and communications.

The vessel itself is built around her primary armaments. Two massive MandalArms built long range turbolaser beam weapons. These finickey but powerful guns can lance out from afar to devastating effect. The design process started with the pair of guns, and added the rest of the ship as a support mechanism to the main weapons. This led to concessions in other areas of the design, with a very small dorsal hangar capable of housing only a single squadron, and limited and very cramped space for troops and passengers.

Mainly due to the colossal power requirements of the vessel's two big guns, space is limited, with crews packed tightly among troopers, power generators and the weapons capacitance banks. Crew sections are compartmentalized, giving the off duty personnel some chance of survival should the worst occur. The prestige of serving aboard one of these tight-quartered vessels is certainly more apparent to the officers, who are quartered in the bridge section, with much more standard accoutrements, while the enlisted men and troopers triple bunk and sleep with their gear.

Named by General Kaine for his vod, the lost Australis; Rex Taff, this Class, like its namesake, is tough, can hit from afar, look after itself in a scrap, and always has an excellent view of the battlespace. Like Rex himself, the Rex-Class does not kneel.
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