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Lady Cordelia deWinter

Cordelia deWinter

Voss Mystic

.: Cordelia Isis deWinter :.

.: Title :.
Lady deWinter
.: Faction Affiliation :.
Voss Mystic

.: Force Rank :.
Dark Jedi Knight

.: Species :.

.: Age :.

.: Height :.

.: Weight :.
140 lbs

.: Appearance :.
Hair: White
Eyes: White

.: Birthplace :.

.: Living Situation :.

.: Personality :.

Cordelia is very much a filial daughter, the picture of filial piety. She is good to her parents, she does her best to engage in good conduct befitting of her status and stature not only just towards her parents, but also in regards to the social interactions. She tries her best to not be rebellious; show love, respect and support; display courtesy, her life having been spent growing up in Voss.

.: History :.

.: Strengths :.
Cordelia is a prodigy, able to wield the Force in such a manner never seen before at such a young age. Though her specialties lies in those of the mind, a mentalist. As a passive ability, Cordelia is a Clairvoyant. She can see visions of people by thinking about them. She can also see glimpses of what that person is doing. She can locate any person within the same planet she is in, after seeing a holopicture or image of her intended target. She can then indicate the person's location on a holomap.

.: Weaknesses :.
- At her young age, this feature only works with complete focus and is restricted to the planet she is on.
- Her powers are strictly that of a mentalist. She cannot enhance her speed or her strength through the Force nor do telekinesis.

Age 0 - Born on Spira
Age 13- Began training with her Mother and Father, focusing all of her entirety in training and studying at home.

1. Paradise Found [Complete] Training with scrying and Force use.
2. Dream a little dream [Complete] Initial dream walking training
3. For all Eternity [Complete]
4. Pirates and Candy [ Her part complete ]
5. Onions [Complete] -Advanced dreamwalking training.
6. For Father I do All - [Complete, Knighted ] Trained in Force spark and was knighted making her the youngest offspring to reach such an esteemed position at her age.
7. As I walk through the Valley of the Jedi, I will be Evil Incarnate - A special one on one trip with her father to Ruusan

Age 26-
8. No one to call, everybody to fear [Complete ~ her part ]

Apprentice Force Powers
Force Comprehension
Force Sense
Force Empathy
Far Sight

Knight Powers
Enhanced Force Sense
Force Spark
Accelerate Healing
Mental Translocation
Mind Trick - Advanced form of inducing sleep

Torture By Chagrin

Voss Dreamwalking (primary and secondary training ~ still needs final 3rd phase)