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Iniquitous Beginnings

Coopers Cooler

Location : MandalArms HQ - Mandalore Orbit

Kaine Australis had selected the command deck of the station for the meeting with the vode. He'd made several invitations, though he planned to meet with each individual in turn. Though many had come to join Clan Australis, some did catch his eye for one reason or another, requiring his personal attention. His first guest today was an old friend of his beloved [member="Caz Australis"] ,and so he'd heard, a Mando'ad with a fine skillset in the arts of war.

The General, clad in his customary black and green beskar'gam, awaited near the large holotable, surrounded by MandalArms personnel, and a few handpicked Australis ori'rami'kade toting the latest MandalArms weapons, unobtrusive near the corners of the room.

A signal was sent to the incoming vessel, conveying friendly greetings and docking instructions.

It was only a short walk from the Docks to the turbolift to the command deck.

From the command deck, visitors and staff had access to multiple holotable displays and the full sensor readout for the entire Mandalore system. This was one of the beating hearts of the defence of Manda'yaim. A good place to plan. A good place to watch the space forces exercising beyond the large windows, or on the displays dotted around the cavernous room.

Out the massive transparisteel windows, the huge form of the black and green Terror Australis hung nearby, bristling with Mandalorian firepower, the pride of the General and Clan Australis.

[member="Melina Tervho"]

ME and Invite only please.

Berthed at Manda'yaim orbit

Australis Battlegroup

From the windows of the transport, she could see the detail of the landscape below fade into blots of green, brown and blue. The snow caps to the north reflected the light of the sun, a rose gold sheen as the ship moved farther away towards the black void of unending space. Melina wore a black tactical suit, her equipment cleaned, polished, and impeccable. Her hair was swept back from her face, pulled up in a ponytail, her icy eyes alert and noting everything around her.

The call to meet [member="Kaine Australis"] had not come unexpectedly, though unlike the wedding, this was a business occasion. Melina's attention was eventually pulled from the scenery of the world below to the massive shipyard hanging like a cyborg moon between them and the vastness beyond. The transport docked quickly, and with little fanfare, she was shown into the room where Kaine waited near a holotable.

She nodded to her escort before she greeted the General which a clear voice.

"Greetings, General." Her eyes wandered intentionally from him to the massive warship through the windows. "Impressive hardware you have out there."
Coopers Cooler
The time had come, and his visitor had arrived. Kaine saw her look out the window at the fleets of ships and fighters, before looking back to him. He appreciated the compliment, he'd worked damned hard to build up Mandalore's military.

Kaine motioned to a seat by the main holotable.

Good to see you, and thanks for coming. Caz has told me good things, and she's a good judge of character.

There was caf along with cups on the table, and there was a decent kitchen staff on hand should they need food. Kaine himself was keen to get down to business, and discuss what they could do together to benefit the vode.

I'll be blunt, I asked Caz to arrange a meeting because she told me you have skills, and I'd like to help you put them to use.

[member="Melina Tervho"]
Mel sweeped the room with her eyes as she took a seat, deliberately choosing a chair that gave her clear egress and line of sight of all entry points in the room. She poured herself a caf and sat back as [member="Kaine Australis"] spoke.

She had wondered what a man with a reputation such as his could want with her but then again, everyone in power had a list of people who wanted power for themselves or wanted to take it away from them. Melina had silenced political rivals and toppled leaders most of her career.

Her expression never changed, a carefully molded mask of neutrality as she stirred the hot beverage in her hand.

"I see. Who's the mark?"

She lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip. Just another day on the job for a hired gun.
Coopers Cooler
Straight to the point, and all business. Kaine liked the professionalism, and it reassured him that Caz had been right to make this intoduction. Mel could help in areas where Australis was lacking, and a skilled assassin was worth more than credits or aurodium ingots.

Kaine walked over to the table, produced a datapad, and slid it over.

He'd prepared for this eventuality. A lifetime of fighting force-sensitive beings had left him cautious. The HQ was under a Ysalamiri effect, which tended to prevent inconvenient Force visions giving targets early warning, at least that was Kaine's hope. On the datapad was known details of the target, suspected location, updated by the latest from Clan Intelligence, and known associates.

This is the target. This cannot be traced back to us, or that would probably lead to interstellar war. Can you do it?

Kaine didn't mention price. He'd pay whatever was required, and Melina had to know, given the show he'd put on for her arrival, that the old bastard wasn't short of coin, if needed.

[member="Melina Tervho"]