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In The Jungle [Czars Vs Clones]

Commander Lusk

The Arc project, an older program of the republic created to push soldiers beyond their breaking point and train them into the most elite clone fighting force the galaxy had seen. Even now they had been rebranded and rearmed with a few augmentations to their strength, speed, reflexes. It was a good program to say the least to make a cost effective cheap and capable version of a super soldier. So props are given where they are owed, but project pantheon was something else entirely. Project Pantheon was designed to push further than the weak decaying bodies of clones. To take force sensitive individual's augment them far further than the clones could dream of. And train them to be beaten, hazed, and destroyed every waking moment of their lives until eighty percent of the completed product were nothing more than lifeless sociopathic husks of their former selves. The far superior soldier in both equipment, training, and augmentation. But that would be put to the test, all of it would be put to the test.

"This is Death Head Two Actual, come in Nova Three." a cold emotionless tone rang out over the comms, as gunfire erupted through the jungles of Felicia. "Moving!" The voice belonged to a man, a monster of a man. Rolland Czar Mark One serial number Zero Zero Two. And that man was leaping and bounding from cover to cover as his platoon of storm troopers engaged a nearby platoon of sith soldiers. The fight was quick and over soon under the combined might of the galactic empire and other forces. Though dealing with the prisoners would be the only problem.

Surrounding the troops Rolland looked down at them on their knees coldly and without care, most of them were just technicians trying to get off world and help the nearby world of Korriban from falling. But it wouldn't mater, the team had a strict no survivors policy and it would be enforced. Rolland was the only Czar present at the moment, the others were off hunting and taking down sith opposition. Aiming his pistol down at the row of almost innocent male and female technicians he gave no forethought to what needed to be done. The jungle around them light up with gunfire and the screams of innocent POWs. To any nearby forces, they would not go unheard.

Clones: @[member="Calico RC-247"] @[member="ARC-052 Dish"] @RC-252 "Galar"

Czars: @[member="JerrickShado"] @[member="Ryan Slade"] @Xavier Varanin

Ooc: Let's have a good clean fight, no big trash talking or any god modding. If you feel someone had god modded bring it up to that person first in a private and respectful manner. And everyone just try to have fun. Cause if you don't, what's the point?
At this point Jerrick was tired of what the Czars were being made to do. He was seeing the doctor's acts as immoral, and plain evil. Thoughts of ensubornation ran through his brain. He was somewhere on Felicia, he'd never been here so it was all new to him.

"Zero Two, Zero One here, mission briefing was boring, I fell asleep. Quick mission update please." He commed, fire was rushing past around him. It was ridiculous, and fruitful of desperate people fighting for what they believed in. 'That used to be me..' he thought to himself. @Rolland CZ MK 002