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Approved NPC Imperial Hand

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  • Intent: To provide an elite guard and assassination team under the personal command of the Fel Emperor
  • Image Credit: Link
  • Role: Protective detail and assassination squad
  • Links: Fel Empire, Toran Fel
  • Availability: Unique
  • Deployment: Limited
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Skilled at lightsaber combat

    Superior physical and mental training

    Well trained in the Force focusing on physical enhancement and telekinetic combat

    Unequipped to deal with heavy firepower or armoured emplacements

    Not equipped for extended combat against superior numbers

    Few in number and hard to replace due to their elite training requirements and security vetting needs

    Susceptible to Ysalamiri or other Force-blocking utilities due to their Force-heavy combat style

    Specialists in close-quarters combat are not well prepared for large engagements or combat in the open where they are susceptible to ranged fire

  • Description: Personally trained by both light and dark side practitioners, as well as paid mercenaries, as a service to the Fel Empire, the first batch of recruits were a mix of species, Epicanthix, Human, Gurlanin, all female, a quirk of the meritocratic nature of the recruiting process; none of the males, human or alien, excelled enough outside of the physical disciplines to warrant selection. There are five members of the Hand including the Emperor's Hand; Sunrise Latakia.

  • Trained in infiltration by Umbaran and Mandalorian instructors, in lightsaber combat by Jedi Blademasters, Kaleesh Warriors, and even a Sith Assassin, who killed more than one recruit during training, they are honed to the peak of their powers, both in the Force, and in physical combat. After the stresses and pressures of the exhausting and extensive training regimen, these beings are well prepared to face any challenge the Fel Empire encounters.

Jairus Starvald

[member="Sunrise Latakia"]

For the most part this is fine, elite unit, unique and limited.

But I need an actual number on these guys, because of the ultrachrome. If you want it included in the sub you can't have more than 10 NPCs in this unit. That equals to a semi-unique RM production. Anything above that would fall under a limited production and you'd need a company with a specialization in the RM, etc.

So either remove the ultrachrome or add the specific number to the sub that doesn't extend over ten.

I also need two tangible 'strong' weaknesses that can be exploited when fighting the unit, because right now they don't really have any.
Not open for further replies.