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Haor Chall Engineering (ARCHIVED)

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The Corey
Corporation Name: Haor Chall Engineering
Headquarters: Charros IV
Locations: Charros IV
Operations: Droid, Vehicle and Starship Manufacturing
Rationale: During the dark times in the galaxy, the Xi Charrian of Charros IV had kept mostly to themselves. In a galaxy that is dependant on interstellar trade, this is never a smart move. With intergalactic borders being closed, and not much aid coming to the bugs on Charros IV, Nirem Starchaser saw the suffering of the species. True, while Nirem was a survivalist at heart, having run from the military life that his brother had followed, and taken to the ideals of the Zeison Sha. Still, he was originally part of a Jedi unit, as he avoided Imperial service.

And this Jedi training stuck.

Nirem saw the suffering of the Xi Charrian and saw that no one was reaching out to help them. From his life on the Rim and between systems, he knew full well what could happen here. A species could get wiped out at the worst. At the best, he was doing a galactic duty and burning some fuel. The Xi Charrians were worried too much of their ideals of perfection, and building their technological prowess than actually worrying on the survival of their species, feeling their creations would speak for themselves.

In true Corellian fashion, Nirem was working with other smugglers to ensure delivery of goods would occur to the forgotten world. In return, the smugglers and pirates who assisted him in supplying foodstuffs and medicine were provided the best droids and automated upgrades to their various ships. The leaders of Haor Chall Engineering noticed Nirem and being the wealthiest group on the planet, immediately reached out to the smugglers and pirates to liason to the people. Of course, they eventually dealt solely with Nirem as he was the spearheaded hero of the world.

However, during the years that Nirem was leading smugglers and other do-gooders to the moon, he was also passing on the ideals that he had built his life around to the leaders of Haor Chall. Yes, there was a need to find perfection, but there was a need to protect life. And they could do this by defending organics to the best of their ability. The Xi Charrians of Haor Chall Engineering had taken to this by providing battle droid technology, to remove organics from the battlefield and instead, allow the droids to do the fighting, and the dying. After all, they were only droids.

Marek himself would visit the world with his father from time to time. His father insisted it was important for the younger Starchaser to have his face known as the Xi Charrians of Haor Chall were always there to help the Starchaser clan.

After the death of Nirem Starchaser and his wife, Kathryn, Marek didn’t know where to go. Venturing around the galaxy for several months, he never strayed too far from reaching to Charros IV. It was with a heavy heart that he reported the death of his family to the Xi Charrians. But the world and the corporation Haor Chall just wasn’t where Marek needed to be yet.

Finally finding himself in the mixed up galaxy in the Confederacy, Marek knew he had an ace up his sleeve to assist the group he was now calling home. Having returned back to Charros IV, Marek d pleaded the case that the skills of the Xi Charrians and of Haor Chall Engineering could find a home and purpose on the galactic theater within the Confederacy. As was previous, with the board of Haor Chall only dealing with Nirem, Marek was elevated to the position of CEO of the company, and direct liaison with the Confederacy.

Tier: Tier 3

Description: During the legendary Clone Wars of old, Haor Chall Engineering was a leading producer of starship and droid technology, as well as a leading member of the Techno Union. Following their purchase by Sienar Fleet Systems, Haor Chall remained dorment. After the Gulag Plague, when the galaxy shut itself off from one another, the Xi Charrians had re-founded their prized company. Working to produce droids and starships, they were working to a point of perfection.

After nearly being starved by their tunnel vision for their technological creation and following the ideals passed on down from Nirem Starchaser, HCE refocused their policies. While they were still working to create the ultimate droids and ships, they remembered what the original purpose of hte company was for. To produce battle droids, and other automated combat products. And this was all well and good, but with no one to sell to, Haor Chall was still missing their purpose.

When the son of Nirem arrived with the proposition for Haor Chall to become the sole exporter to the Confederacy of Independant Systems, the Xi Charrians finally had a purpose. Working with Marek Starchaser, delegates from the CIS and a board of Xi Charrians, Haor Chall is working to provide heavy droid combat units, droid starfighters, as well as shuttles and other starship exports to their new found partners on the galactic stage.

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Haor Chall has always been a favorite of mine. Tyrin dealt extensively with the company when it was still in Sith space, commissioning a bunch of stuff for the Empire.

Ramble aside, this is approved on my end. Remember to always make your monthly check in.
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