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Fighting Tournament - Round3 - Kurenai vs Ronen

Coopers Cooler
The giant arena was packed to the rafters. Spectators from all over Mandalore and all over the galaxy flocked to watch the fighting spectacle that was about to begin.

Now, the Semi finals would begin, and the crowd were in full voice.

[member="Kurenai Yumi"] (7) versus @Ronen Jeric (13)

Good luck and fight with honour.
I'm too old for this
The duel between here and the Fett was interesting, the man being quite the brawler, able to take a hit and give one back. Unfortunately that would not work on Kurenai, and over time her attacks wore down the Zabrak, unlit a final blow put him out of the competition for good, but still, a close fight though Kurenai had not expected to get this far in the tournament. Honesty she would have thought some super Mando champion of something similar would have eliminated her in the first or second round, but here she stood, round 3, facing off against some man called, [member="Ronen Jerik"].

She was unsure of this person, no Mando last name, nor did it seem to be a champion fighter of some kind, so who was this person? She did feel the precance of the force with him, all but weaker then a knight, maybe some go lucky Padawan that wanted to prove themselves in combat? It was hard to say, though if such them making it to the third round must have spoken volumes of their skill in combat, unless it was blind luck and happy accidents. Regardless she found herself a little eager to see this opponent, if not for an equal fight, just to satisfy her curiosity on what they where and their reasoning for joining the area.