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Crimson Tide OOC

Just waiting on the Republic fleets to be approved for the fleeting area to begin.

The main surface part however, is open for business! Enjoy!

Steph Zenima

It would have to be the original Batman song for all the onomatopoeia.



I have just confirmed with staff that it is possible for a single character to be in multiple invasions at once, so long as you are a member of the two factions attacking/defending.

So any character who wishes to be in both invasions may do so.

Tyr-Kyr Magnus

Active Member
Honestly i think we should just do one at a time. The Sith are attacking in response to our invasion hoping to catch us of guard, if we can just lol appear in both it doesn't really make sense time wise. If the battle on Ossus ends then I guess people could get the message and travel to Manaan.

Thats my one big problem with the roleplay on this site. There isn't a timestamping system in place to dictate who is where at what time.


Like Lightning
Tyr-Kyr Magnus said:
LOOL Hion looked at Darren and was like "Fuus Ro Dah!"
Yes, and he could kill me, however I have dealt with him before, barely. This time, I am ready.

and I would rather take on three people who could give Darren a challenge rather than a few apprentices with a few troops.


Like Lightning
Syn said:
@Darren Shaw while fighting sith and purging heretics is all well and good. Who did you ask to come and join? For the ally lists
I actually asked Daella. and she said if I came incognito then I could. Darren is currently not affiliated with anybody. Major or Minor, so I thought I might get on some of the good graces with the Jedi and the Republic so I wasn't killed on sight. If you want more, then I can Pm you. @[member="Syn"]
I was hired by the Republic for this fight. I'll be up at the north end of the city doing my sniper thing and pinning sections down for a bit. If we've got artillery assets or something similar, someone pipe up on the comms IC'ly to let me know and I'll start doing an artillery spotter job, too.