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Breaking the Bank... And Everything Else (Independent Raid on Muunilinst - Sith Empire - All Others

A Vangaard Pathfinder touched down on the outskirts of Harnaidan. From here, the giant towers of the city were visible as they acted as anchors for the skyhook leading to High Port. It was here that the galaxy's wealth was guaranteed and the InterGalactic Banking Clan found its home. This was also the place that Arrbi Betna would find wealth of his own and, in the process, springboard from a small time Mandalorian shop owner and mercenary to something far greater.

Betna killed the engines and killed the power. He could hide the energy signature that way, though not the actual craft. Thankfully the high metal content in the planet's soil and crust would mask the metal signature of the ship. The large camouflage netting in the storage containers would hide the ship from prying eyes at a distance, thankfully, though up close was a different story. That said, Betna had taken care to hide the ship on the outskirts of the city, deep in the woods, though close enough to infiltrate once night fell.

He popped the outer hatch on the ship and stepped out. He had no wish to drag the rest of his people into his business and instead wore heavy armor common to private militaries around the galaxy. The stuff wasn't as durable and protective as a full suit of beskar'gam, especially one of true beskar make like Betna's, but the thick durasteel plating covering him from head to toe would suffice for the mission.

Arrbi carefully set up the camo netting on the ship to finish hiding the vehicle and waited for his compatriot in the job to finish her work before sealing up the ship. He hefted a slug thrower submachine gun and checked to make sure both of his slug thower revolvers were in place. He had plenty of ammo and both raiders carried enough explosives for the job at hand. He looked up and over at the young woman accompanying him and grinned beneath his helmet.

"I guess there was a benefit to a treaty after all. No one expects us," he said as he felt the beginnings of adrenaline hit his bloodstream. "You ready?"

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Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
Alexandra sat alone in a garden nearby the city's financial district and worked on her meditation. It was for a reason she choose a louder place rather than some quiet tomb for the fact that it was harder to focus on one thought and for the fact that she had found a place where she could overlook those below her. In the Months after joining the empire, rather forcibly, she had spent as little time around Sith as she could help but it always seemed that they would be around, and of course they would it was their empire after all. She just wished that things would be done with and that this servitude would be over sooner rather than later, but she was meditating here on that very prospect, what if this servitude was until death. Did that mean that her avoiding what she must become was futile... She shook her head at the thought, breaking what little concentration she had and standing. Down below were the people of Muunilinst, going about their every day work without a thought that she was looking down at them from the roof she stood on.