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Approved Location Beskarfalls - Kryze Farmstead

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  • Intent: To create a home for König Kryze
  • Image Credit: Found Here, User Created
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Military Base Name: Beskarfalls, Kryze Farmstead
  • Classification: Armed Camp
  • Location: Mandalore
  • Affiliation: König Kryze
  • Population: Sparse
  • Demographics: A majority of non-humans, with about twenty percent humans, mostly from outer rim worlds, rare are the core world humans among the settlers and Mandalorians here.
  • Accessibility: Easily spotted against the otherwise devastated landscape of Manda'yaim, though with the planet otherwise hardly populated, visitors and strangers will stand out.
  • Description: A medium sized farmstead stretching across several miles, covered over by a biodome that protects the verdant environment within from the harsh and devastated one outside. The farmstead is made up of one main stone building surrounded by several sheet metal sheds, four large paddocks, with ponds adjoining the river that flows across the farmstead.


Longhouse - Built of local stone and brick made on site, the elongated building houses the Kryze farm's workers, as well as containing the main storehouses, kitchens, and medical facilities. The building also has a night garden underneath where further food is produced for the settlement.

Aquaculture Ponds - Watered by the local stream, these ponds supply a source of food, as well as providing irrigation and fertilizer for the crops. Fish and other aquatic fauna are well stocked and provide nourishment and sustainable food supply for the farmstead.

Quad Paddocks - Surrounding the main longhouse compound with its outbuildings, the four large paddocks are utilized in turn for raising crops or grazing livestock, being rotated regularly to allow the soil to recover. Though there are four main square paddocks with solid barriers between them, these can be further fenced in to temporarily create more small areas at need. The crops and livestock raised here further provide food supply and fertilizer for the farmstead.

Biodome - Stretching high above the farmstead, with a diameter of just over five miles, the dome encapsulates the escarpment and mountain to the north and east, while flowing up and over the grazing lands and the ponds and river to enclose the entire farmstead. This is necessary to protect the imported soil, flora and fauna from Mandalore's inhospitable environment, and though the dome is thin and translucent, it is built light, but strong, able to flex, but tough to breach. Gateways to the south and east allow egress from the farmstead's grounds to Mandalore's surface.

Wildlands - A thin strip of land that borders the farmstead to the south between the edge of the paddocks and the biodome's perimiter. Unfarmed, with semi mature trees and other plants transported in from offworld to provide a habitat for introduced game, this area is a small piece of nature, and a hope for what Mandalore's surface outside the dome might one day be restored to.


Though the site is a domed farmstead, each of the settlers is either a warrior, or otherwise in training to function as part of the farm's defense. Everyone is armed, some more heavily than others, and there are some supercommandos among the population. The site lacks defensive emplacements or heavy weapons, but is well organized and capable of repelling armed attack. All of the outbuildings can serve as strongpoints against assault, the aquaculture ponds double as defensive trenches and foxholes, and the main house is as much a bunker as a home. With food and water in ready supply, the site is also well able to withstand and hold out against siege.


The fact that Manda'yaim was unwanted, unloved and uninhabited gave König much choice in selecting a location to build a new start. He conducted several aerial surveys of the devastated landscape in his freighter before settling on a region about twenty miles from the location the city of Sundari had once stood. The giant scar in the surface of Manda'yaim left by its destruction and the strip mining of the planet was visible from space.

König's chosen location had access to water, and topographical features that bordered the area which he saw could be suited to defense and future construction and expansion. The area he chose to begin with didn't look like much. Bare rock and blasted sand, with bare land and scattered, stunted shrubs the only vegetation. High escarpment bordered the area to the north, with a large rocky mount nicknamed Mount Harangir to the west. A lazy waterway nicknamed the Arasuum flows down north to south from the escarpment, providing fresh water for the settlement.

With strong natural boundaries to the north and west, and open land to expand to the south and east, the location would serve. A whole lot of work would need to be done to turn it into something liveable, but as foundations went, it wasn't too bad. Some twenty miles to the southeast, the ruined area that had once been the city of Sundari stood as a testament to what it meant to fail. König did not set out to fail. Mandalore deserved better.

Work began with some earthmoving equipment and an extensive set of excavatory blasting to clear an area for the massive soil transplant that would be required to turn a section of Mandalore's dead, arid surface into something capable of supporting life. König took on most of this work himself, blasting and bulldozing to clear the area. Later, the first settlers joined him in the work, and the first shipments of soil and seed and machinery began to arrive, and the real work began.

Kilotons of living soil were brought in from nearby habitable worlds, replacing the devastated and lifeless dirt of Mandalore down some ten meters around the area of the farmstead. A major point of progress was the installation of a large bio dome over the entire area, though the air of Manda'yaim wasn't toxic, it wasn't great either. Having the dome allowed the farm to provide a fully climate controlled environment for the plants and creatures to be raised there.

Local stone provided construction material for the main habitation building, a longhouse, raised several feet off the ground, which allowed for a dark and moist place underneath, perfect for growing edible fungi and other root-based vegetables that preferred little to no sunlight. Outbuildings sprang up around the main building, mostly sheet metal, to house the farmstead's machinery and provide limited shelter for livestock, and to conduct the myriad but numerous tasks of a productive farm.

Word spread slowly among some Mando'ad exiles, and the farmstead expanded to fill the biodome as more settlers came to stay, some permanently, some for what amounted to a working holiday on the homeworld, but the community steadily grew to around five hundred, all of whom live and work on the farmstead.

With the construction mainly complete, livestock was brought in to begin a breeding program, while some arboreal projects beyond the boundaries of the farm but within the biodome provided the first steps in what might one day become a terraforming project for more of the devastated homeworld. Wild game was also introduced, though their range was for now limited to the biodome, enough space was available for them to breed and thrive in the supportive environment. In time, numbers would allow for hunting, providing both sport and a further addition to the food supply of the community.
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