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Mangos vs Pubs
Deep Space - Saqqar Sector
Republic Remnant Space - Near Teth
Mandalorian Rendezvous Point

War. Such a small word for such a massive undertaking. It had brought the Mandalorian fleet across the galaxy to Republic space. The Empire's actions against the Silver Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance, justified to Mando'ade, had still provoked fear, uncertainty and doubt among the other powers of the Galaxy. The Republic Remnant had seen enough threat from the Mandalorians to warrant mobilization of its naval and armed forces.

Fortunately for the Mando'ade, the vigilance and paranoia of the 'Warlords' as the aruetii thought of them, saw to it that Intelligence teams assigned to watch the GA's potential allies discovered evidence of Republic activity in the Teth system. A decision was made in Sundari, on Manda'yaim. Strike first. The Mandalorian Empire did not strike civilians. A hostile military force, that was a legitimate, and being the Republic's main base of operations, an honourable one. The Mandalorian Empire, fresh out of its bacta tank, its wounds bound, was back on its feet and ready to find the neighbourhood bully, and pick a fight.

A veritable armada began to assemble at the rendezvous point, well away from the target system. Such a large undertaking would be done in stages, with multiple battle groups and multiple avenues of attack. Everything from battlecruisers and destroyers down to frigates and corvettes of all shapes and sized began to emerge from hyperspace, along with many transport craft, carrying the Mandalorian armed forces.

This would not be subtle, nor would it be bloodless. The Clans of Manda'yaim would descend on Teth.

Aboard Raptor-Class Transport "Remember Roche"
General Kaine was aboard one of the transports, with his mission teams, all secure and ready with all their gear. Silence abounded, the grim quiet of professionals going to do a job. The strike team was all handpicked, the best Clan Australis had to offer. Veterans all, they would bring the fight to the enemy, right where they lived. The best and brightest, Kaine was honoured to be going into battle among them.

He busied himself rechecking his kit, ensuring his personal weapons were all loaded, ready, and stowed away. Kaine saw other bucketed T-visored Mando'ade doing the same; they all knew the drill.

The ground pounders would do their jobs, it was up to the fleet to show the Republic Navy that its day was done.

[member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Gray Raxis"] [member="Teagan Stoirm"] [member="Shia Kryze"] [member="Tom Taff"] [member="Mykes Vatak"] [member="Raiz Australis"] [member="Spencer Australis"] [member="Skosk Australis"] [member="Beth Australis"] [member="Abel Australis"] [member="Muad Dib"] [member="Aedan Miles"] [member="Gerarich Thanor "][member="Qyren Australis"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] [member="Rizann Bralor"] [member="Petria Breguet"]

To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Location: Mando rendezvous point
Allies: Mandos
Enemies: RR ([member="Jared Starchaser"] eventually)

For this operation on Teth, Petria was a little nervous. On the one hand, her clan just bought a few self-propelled mortars, given the Alor's obsession with unguided projectiles, especially since the Mandos were exposed to mortar-based indirect fire for the first time in years on Barataria. On the other hand, there was a blinding gap in what her fellow vode ability that she knew aruetiise would have, especially Jetii, even though she knew dar'jetii, as a faction, had the same combat weakness as the Mando'ade had: dogfighting. Now she wasn't the most skilled pilot, nor the most experienced. But she did pilot a Starbird interceptor, with the understanding that she would be placed under the command of a more experienced pilot for this mission. That sounds like how dar'jetii operate their starfighter corps: from what I heard in the ShadowNet, they let in any volunteer with flying experience, even highly marginal, conduct starfighter sorties, and sometimes conscripts without flying experience, she thought, while in a ship her clan contributed to this operation, going over pre-flight checks as they prepared to fight.

Norrin Fisck

Location: Teth Je'daii Temple | Allies: Republic | Enemies: Mandalorians (Eventually [member="Beth Australis-Mantis"])


"I think that's enough for the day, younglings," Barrien said as he stood up in the middle of one of the gardens of the old Je'daii temple.

A youngling field trip to Teth was a bit of a stretch, but he thought the old world would be a good place for them to see things of ancient times. After he had learned that it recently had housed a temple of Je'daii, he felt it was a good place to teach them about other orders of Force users and how tolerance was a necessity for preserving balance and peace in the galaxy. The lesson had gone markedly well, too.

It was only as he was speaking to them that he started to get the feeling that something was wrong. Not immediately wrong, but it was going to be. He didn't know what it was, but he was concerned, and that concern made him worried for the safety of the younglings. Even with Naval and Army forces covering the planet, an oppone t with enough strength could threaten it. He had the intense feeling that was about to happen.

"Middie, please take the younglings inside and to the deepest part of the Temple if you would."

"Of course, Master Siegfried. Is everything alright? You look worried."

"Danger cometh, like cold air doth signal a storm."

Middie turned and started ushering the younglings inside while Barrien grabbed up his weapon and reaffixed his shield to his arm. He always carried them, but when speaking withthr younglings he felt it best not to appear threatening or as if he expected danger. It kept them calm and focused on what he was teaching them. He turned his eyes skyward briefly, before moving over to the temple entrance and situating himself in front of it like a guard that was barring entrance. Which was exactly what he was doing.

He knew danger was coming. He was going to be ready.

The Black Flame
Location: Aboard some Clan Verd rustbucket, Mandalorian Rendezvous Point
Allies: The Other Mandalorian Clans (he supposes...just this once though)
Enemies: The Republic Remnant (Eventually @Everyone)

Blasters purred, creaking happily as their charge packs were racked into place with sharp clinks and their barrels clicked snuggly into holsters by leather straps. Even in the dim-light that cascaded down through the veil of dusk in the air, each blaster and every plate of Dathu armor had been spit-shined to perfection. The sheen of the metal glowed brighter than most the lights in the damn cabin - the cocky splendor of it all surprised even Marvik.

The Clan Dathu did not rally lightly, not to the call of Mand'alor - nor had they since the great betrayal of Eres III by Mand'alor the Ultimate. This though, this was a special occasion and the enemy was one worth killing - and they'd be damned if they weren't going to show up every other clan in the process. Even now Marvik could hear the echoes of griping past when he'd ordered all the Dathu gear scrubbed down anew with layers of polish so thick it was still choking the air days later.

Did he really care how well maintained the gear was? No. Hell no if it better conveys the lack of care taken with any piece of equipment that wasn't between a Dathu's legs. They preferred using equipment reliable enough to be forgotten about for a year and still work just fine. This was about doing one thing and one thing only.

Marvik crossed his arms and stared at the Verd's sitting down the cabin from his clan. It wasn't enough to annoy many of them, but here and there were the tilts of the head or squeezing of the palms that a Mandalorian learned to notice as just the slightest bit of distress. If the other Clans insisted that the Dathus play follow the leader, they were going to make them regret every second of it.

Rocking his own set of blasters, Marvik ran himself through one last equipment check before strolling over to the Verd leader of this little shindig and resting both hands on his holsters.

"So, fearless Moff." a cough, "what's the grand strategy?"

Keira Priest

The Iron
Location: Mandalorian rendezvous point; en route to Teth military base
Allies: [member="Marvik Dathu"] (unfortunately), [member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Beth Australis"], ME
Enemies: RR
Gear in signature, plus dagger.

It had been awhile since Keira had been in command of any operation that encompassed more than just her clan. Longer still since she'd taken up arms against any incarnation of the Republic, but today changed both of those things. For most of them this was revenge, but for her it was a refresher course after having aided in bringing down the democracy that had preceded this one. It was nothing their enemies didn't deserve, and after that first initial strike on Myrkr everything that followed was justified. This was only their people making sure all the proverbial birds were struck with their own individual stone, ticked off neatly one at a time.

Both Verd and Dathu had been preparing in their own way, quietly and distinctly separate from one another, the line between each clan drawn almost directly down the middle of the transport. It didn't bother her any. If anything, she supposed this was just another casualty of the reputation her name had gained. Keira had taken to ensuring her clan was prepared as she always did, checking and double-checking her own equipment before they so much as breached the atmosphere.

As far as she was concerned, the plan was fairly straightforward. They were hitting hard and fast, leaving no time for their enemy to regroup or strategize. If anything, this would turn into a competition between her and her brother as these things almost always did. Not that she was complaining; she could use a few more notches in her armor.

When the Alor of Dathu approached she looked up at him, her helmeted gaze meeting his own beneath the T-visor. "We're hitting the military base. Go in loud, and don't give them time to regroup. They get in your way, shoot them. Non-combatants and civvies are out of the question. Simple enough, 'lek?"

Abel Forsworn

The Devil's Plaything
Location: I'm on a Boat, travelling within the Mando'ade formation
Objective: to woop some karking shebs, Like a Boss

Unlike General Kaine's transport ship filled with silent, stoic soldiers preparing for the inevitable assault and battle that would come, Abel's transport ship was nearly shaking from the music blaring through the loudspeakers, raucous laughter ringing from the vod, several sleeping through the din, and more then one couple making out. Where Kaine sat among his vode, an example or preparedness who was ready for the approaching battle, Abel was just a little different. Hanging from the braces in the rafters he danced around a beam provocatively, are as provocatively as a man in full armor and weapons festooned across his body could, and several vode tossed credit chips, portions of snacks, or catcalled.

War was fast approaching, yet the mando'ade upon the transport ship cristened "The Party" were doing what Mandalorians did. Life was precious, and they were embracing it. The men and women in the Solus Centuria of Lo'Te Legion were not just veterans of battle who were stationed together. They were aliit, brothers and sisters, riduurs and friends, neighbors. And this was just another chance to embrace life before doing what they knew. Battle.

Dropping from the rafters heavily on his feet, Abel slapped Korn, his centurion, in the face while giggling. Korn looked abashed, but she didn't apologize for throwing the canteen at Abel's shebs. Gripping the back of her head he leaned in and gave the raven haired woman a gentle Keldabe kiss, before moving forward to the cockpit.

The legionaries moved from his path, nods of respect and armored fists clamoring against breastplates as he passed, though the smiles and laughter didn't leave their face. He was Ori'vod to them. Standing at six and a half feet barefoot, in his armor he was even larger. And while there were several in the one hundred strong Centuria that were older then he, Abel had earned their respect and his position as the Colonel. They would follow him to a festival at home or to the very gates of hell in battle.

Slipping into the cockpit his hazel eyes flickered on his face, the laughing jovial expression of mere moments earlier gone. The dark hair flecked with silver dripped lightly with sweat as he noticed the time table. Nodding slightly he re-entered the hold where his vode were still enjoying themselves. Standing in the doorway his hands braced slightly he spoke a single word as the music was silenced.


The warriors turned calming from their merriment to shout a word back to their Colonel, "Lo'Te." A twitch of Abel's lips as he spoke the word slightly louder.


The roar that answered him vibrated his armor, "Lo'Te." The twitch became a full fledged smile as he spoke one more time, this time a bellow of his own.


The gods of Manda'yaim would surely hear the chorus that rose from every vode in the ship, "LO'TE!" Abel nodded as he watched the video calm and begin checking one another, armor and weapons. Hugs light hearted pushes, laughs and smiles, these were still present. But battle was nearly upon them, and so they prepared as they enjoyed one another's company.

[member="Keira Verd"] I [member="Marvik Dathu"] I [member="Petria Breguet"] I [member="Kaine Australis"]

Mereel Vaun

Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy
Location: R.N.V. Iviin'yc, Physical Training Room.
Allies: RR, [member="Joshua Tucker"]
Joshua's my fleeter boi
Enemies: ME, (Eventually [member="Kaine Australis"] )
Mereel's armored boots quickly pulled him to the ground as his grip released from the pull up bar. He pulled off his helmet and wiped away the sweat that had pooled on his forehead with his left hand. His hand couldn't feel the warmth of the sweat, but the coldness of the metal hand still sent a shiver through his spine. He hadn't gotten fully used to the new limb yet.

He replaced his buy'ce and waved an armored gauntlet to two of his crewmen exercising on elliptical machines as he left the training room. Constantly cleaning the sweaty interior of his armor was inconvenient, but the extra weight it gave during his workouts was well worth it. Without slapping on his full gear and a backpack to ascend a mountain, it was the healthiest thing he could think of doing.

As he walked down the corvette's main hall and toward his quarters, he cleared his mind and slowed his breathing, sensing the mood of the vessel's crew. Focus, worry, confidence.

All emotions which were to be expected of men and women preparing for battle with an unknown foe. The Remnant's Navy had rallied to the Teth system after the GA's capital had fallen. But it seemed to many of the crewmen aboard the Iviin'yc that the fleet must have assembled without any particular target in mind, as the Remnant's many fleets, the Iviin'yc's 91st Expeditionary included, were still waiting around for orders from the highest ups.

Mereel let out a sigh as he thought about the potential candidates they could be massing the fleet in preparation for. It could've been the Galactic Empire, a large Hutt crime cell, the Sith Empire, any number of pirate groups or imperial warlords within Wild Space, or perhaps even the First Order if it was a long-term expedition.

There seemed to be no shortage of targets that they could potentially hit or get hit by. Just thinking about it was more exhausting than any physical workout, and so Mereel put it out of his mind as he entered his quarter's and poured himself a glass of water.

Avin Starfire

Location: Jedi Temple
Allies: RR
Enemies: Mandalorians ([member="Tom Taff"] eventually)

Jedi Temple
Avin ran his hands over his head and down to his back as the hot water washed away the sweat, dirt and blood that had slowly made its way into a coating over most of his exposed body. He watched the floor as the water took a brown colour as it went spinning away into the drain. His arms had been attacked by the wild insects that made their home in the Teth jungles and swamps leaving a variety of lumps and bruises from their onslaught.

Finishing cleaning Avin stepped out of the bathing area returning to his quarters before putting on his temple robes and leaving the armoured chest piece to oil in his quarters. His head felt as if it weighed a ton after sprinting through woodland and down paths after his last investigation on Teth had turned for the worse. He lay on his assigned bunk decorated with basic quilts and a single pillow. He let his eyes drift shut for a few minutes before falling into a slumber.

Four Hours Later
He stepped up out of the bed already clad in his robes yet he felt off. His stomach twinged almost as if he were nervous of an upcoming meeting or event yet he had none in mind but for the report, he was supposed to have submitted on his so-called Sith hunt out in the wilderness. Avin reached down and ran his hands over his arms to find the previous discomforting bruises and bites had disappeared. The Jedi grasped at his belt to find his Saberstaff attached at the right hip before creeping slowly towards his door.

The large metallic door that had been built into the side of a long and winding hallway that housed the sleeping barracks for the Jedi of the Teth temple. As the door was received by an opening in the ceiling Avin stepped through the gap to see a sight of horror. Along the walls were burning marks of black ash and explosive residue. He unbuckled the weapon at his belt and turned around to witness the true horror of the event. Blood ran along the floor as if heavy rains had broken through a ceiling and now made two trails of liquid down into the deeper end of the corridor. Around each mark left corpses of robed Jedis from all sects of the temple many faces of which he recognised.

The guardian turned on his heels and made off down the corridor in a full sprint heading deeper into the Temple's twisting belly. He turned corner after corner before arriving at the door yet as he rounded on the entrance and pushed the button nothing happened. Avin had started to break into a sweat his heart had started beating faster and faster. He thumbed at the long metal hilt and brought up a stream of blue energy before thrusting it into the structure of the doorframe and started to cut a square. Time... seconds went by and his anxiety only flared further as the now molten metal gave way to his weapon and the square fell inwards to a room.

Avin Starfire stepped into a room to a site of which he had seen only once before in his life and he had vowed to never see again. Padawans and younglings lay spread in slumps against the walls and crumpled over furniture with only a single crate in the room being untouched by the brutality. Avin took one more take of the room before edging forward to the crate and cutting the padlock from its wooden structure leaving the container open. He took one more breath and stooped down to push the top from the crate. Avin stared inside to see a T-shaped visor staring back at him.


It felt as if he had surfaced from a deep sea dive as the air and pictures around him suddenly changed. As he took it in Avin was back in his bedroom now sat bolt upright and sweating. His stomach however still felt the same, a nervous grasp that seemed to clutch at his abdominal muscle. The Jedi swung his legs over the side of the hard mattress and walked to a small sink that sank into the wall of the room and splashed a handful of cold water over his face to wake him up the rest of the way.

As the last locking lug of his utility belt clipped into the bottom of the durasteel chestplate Avin closed his robes over the top and made his way out into the corridor. There were no rivers of blood or corpses of younglings this time but there was an uneasy air about the place, he could see a column of the Padawans that had been until recently on a topside field trip with [member="Barrien Siegfried"], however, the man leading them looked worried and rushed past him without any recognition. Avin stood in his doorway and watched as the rest of the children meandered deeper into the temples bowels before stepping into the hallway himself.

The Jedi Temple on Teth had been repurposed out of an older Je'daii temple previously long abandoned but now an outpost for the Jedi away from other main positions such as the Enclave on Nadiem and posed as a great tool for the Jedi to focus their skills in more challenging environments as well as giving the republic a forward holding on the planet even with the Jedi not being an official military arm.

Avin continued to weave his way further up the stairway of the temple until he surfaced and felt the cool air rush over his face. It had been raining on Teth over the last 48 hours which had cleared a lot of the humidity from the normally clinging heat. As he arose into the natural world Avin couldn't help but notice his fellow Knight had placed his wargear to its readied position and now stood like a sentinel to the doorway of the temple grounds.

"Do you feel it too? Master Siegfried the air is most chilling and I have had visions of great suffering here. It troubles me."

Avin posed his question to the fellow Jedi as he stepped out of the shadows and into the entranceway alongside his brother in arms.

Harley Fenstermacher

remeber it's not personal, just buiness
Location: Jedi Temple
Allies: [member="Avin Starfire"] - [member="Mereel Vaun"]
Enemies: ME *Shrugs*
Nearby: No one really

Harley had just been at the temple as a tag along for the whole youngling field trip, interested in how the Republic Jedi operated and what they did. It was always good to get an idea for the force user group, more so since they had been bared from military and political positions unless they went through them like regular people. That and Harley being a force user as well, though not affiliated with the Jedi he was not going to pass up a chance to learn more about that power that allowed the Echani to do different things.

SO far it had been an interesting trip, unless some sudden feeling enveloped the entire complex, a coming danger like non he had felt before, but unlike Sith there as not dark aura from this... lurking danger. As the younger Jedi where ushered away with the young knight the Senator turned to [member="Barrien Siegfried"], "I have a bad feeling about this, something gonna happen soon? Do we know what it is"? He could only hope the Jedi knight had the answers, himself having yet to fully understand how to use the force to better effect.

Acaleus Thorn

CEO of Enryu Corp
Objective: Stand by close to the Mandalorian Fleet (And later, investigating the Jedi Temple [member='Barrien Siegfried'] )
Equipment: Wrist lightsabers, Hunter Bow - Quiver, AT-120
Allies: ME ( [member='Kaine Australis'] [member="Yasha Mantis"] )
Forces: Only a dozen of Needles

His forces were preparing. The personal objective they had would be to screw around the enemy defenses. Destroying shields generator, eliminating potencial tower nest but most of all, doing everything in the shadows. Acaleus would accompany them, but they needed the distraction of the whole armada attacking. In that situation, they wouldnt draw any attention.

"Alright Kaine. My group is ready at your command to drop on Teth. Requesting back up. A couple of fighters to provide my ship some assistance until we land"

"Yo are you sure that we got better chances? There will be Jedi there" "And we are going to be alone once we land. If we get surrounded..." Two of the Needles were unsure of the mission success. Was usual, there were a lot of things that could go bad in that scenario "You got me. Once we land, use your comms. If they jamm our signals, then i will ping fire two flares. The second will show the direction or building you need to go for the rendevouz point"

Kolab Morcant

Location: Teth Fortress, Secret Republic Military Base, The Pool *splash splash*
Allies: Any Republic forces on the ground
Enemies: Mandos, eventually [member="Skosk Australis"]

What was the best part about a secret military installation? Was it the plethora of weapons and armor? Was it the secure, underground location? Could it possibly even be the caf machine that made the drink so hot it put some pep in your step and your ass in the john? Not even close! To the Karkarodon it was the pool within the training complex of the base. It was codenamed...the Pool. Mostly due to the fact it was rectangular, about twelve feet deep and filled with water that tasted funny if you swallowed enough of it.

This was far more for recreational purposes yet being flown under the flag of physical training for the private. After all, when the away forces of the Republic were in fact not off dispensing justice throughout the galaxy via blasterfire, the troopers had to find a way to stay sharp. To this amphibious being, that meant having a splash in the pool to reclaim that familiar sensation of submersion, that near weightlessness within the water that made his movements feel unhindered and laborless. After all. It wasn't like there was going to be a planetary invasion all of a sudden. Of course not. That just was highly unlikely. Especially after the Republic had taken such a bite out of crime in the vicinity lately. But, hey, if anything went wrong that warning klaxon could even be heard underwater.

Joshua Tucker

Iviin'yc Actual
Location: Bridge of the RNV Iviin'yc
Allies: RR, [member="Mereel Vaun"]
Enemies: ME - TBD
Any ME fleeters looking for a small scale fleet battle
Objective: Still awaiting orders from fleetcom. Maintaining formation around "The Graveyard" with the 91st Expeditionary Fleet

The old man was slumped down in his chair. The chain of command had kept Tucker tied down in this system for days, it was a task completely contrary to the nature of the fleet he was in charge of. And more importantly, he felt more bored than that time he had watched a fresh layer of paint dry, which was something he had done just to say that he had done for no particular reason.

He would likely die of old age before the Remnant navy had a target selected. Oh well, at least he had done something slightly interesting with the earlier part of his day - with the admiralty's permission, he had ordered over half of the 91st Expeditionary to return to port in Nadiem to link up with and return a new class of picket ship to be added to his fleet.

He wished he could have went with the other half of the fleet. Instead, he was stuck aboard the Iviin'yc, keeping the ships he had remaining in formation around the Republic Remnant's asteroid prison known as "the graveyard". He stared through the bridge's main view-screen, looking at all the stars begging to be visited.

91st Expeditionary Fleet:
Preserver-class Corvette: RNV Boot Salesman
- Hull: 100% | Shields 100%

Repentance-class Corvette: RNV Angelic Pantomime
- Hull: 100% | Shields 100%

Retrofitted CR90: RNV Iviin'yc
- Hull: 100% | Shields 100%

Hellion-class Heavy Frigate: RNV Glorious Absolution
- Hull: 100% | Shields 100%

Billet II-Class Carrier Cruiser: RNV Portly Hauler
- Hull: 100% | Shields 100%

Lightbringer-class Star Defender: RNV Agincourt
- Hull: 100% | Shields 100%

Starfighter compliment:

- 5 E90 E-Wing Starfighter Squadron
- 3 AS-B19 Bomber Squadron


Setter Ryburn

Man of Ill Intent
Location: Teth Base Armory l
Allies: [member="Kolab Morcant"] l Republic friends
Enemies: Incoming Mandalorians

Alarms sounding.

The moon was out, so the goons were out. He was conducting nighttime training when the entirety of the base became...uneasy. He rolled his body over and pulled his night-vision off of his face. Something was off. Something was wrong. He turned and looked at his squad and motioned for them to RTB. Something was definitely off.

Something big was coming to mess their good time up.

But they'd find the flag that proudly displayed across all of Setter's bases and operating areas- a skull with an arrow through it, with the bottom line of 'STRANGERS NOT WELCOME'. His favorite.

And whoever came to their little base was going to find out how mean Setter and his goons were. He ran past the pool, he and his squad sprinting to the armory to gear up for the upcoming firefight.


King of Pumpkins
Objective: Have a chat with [member="Avin Starfire"]
Location: Already on Teth.
Allies: ME, [member="Beth Australis"]
Enemies: No one I want a chat and see the old Je'daii Temple.


Tom was on the ground. He had landed in Rexy's ay-92-aquila-starfighter when he was scouting the system. Anyone who pinged his ship had seen the CIS tag. Him and Beth were already on the ground. He met Beth down there. They ad agreed on it to scout the planet together. He hugged her as soon as he saw. "How are you Beth'ika? Are you ready to find the old Je'daii temple. Supposedly it is where the Jedi make there home." He was wearing some casual attire, he had a backpack with some weapons and his armour. He had both his lightsabres on a belt they had been a gift from [member="Rex Taff"] before he had disappeared.

He would then begin walking towards where he had the data on the temple said it was. He was a Je'daii himself and had access to files of where the temples had been placed. He looked a Beth thinking about something. "Beth I have a lightsabre here, it is one from dad's old collection. He kept them more in case he ever had to use the crystals or give them away. I think it would suit you though." He would say with a smile. "Okay Beth'ika lets get moving and remember we aren't attacking them we are here to have a chat."

Gaia Sunaris Cadera

It's a cat-astrophe!
Objective: A 'war of words' with [member="Barrien Siegfried"]
Location: On Teth with [member="Tom Taff"]

Beth hadn't exactly planned to end up in Republic Remnant space. The young woman was, after all, busy with her everyday life between Mandalore and Concordia - studying, training, and in general honing her skills into mastery. The Mandalorian Navy and Army were preparing to attack Teth - it was a necessary measure considering what the Remnant Republic might try to do before the Mandalorians had time to react. The best defense is a the best offense, as the saying goes. Beth, however, wasn't on Teth for a fight - she was here with [member="Tom Taff"] to do recon. They were heading towards an old Jedi temple, away from the most hostile actions would take between the Republicans and the Mandalorians when the time comes.

Beth wore a slightly custom fitted WESTAR Rogue Armor, just to be on the safe side. She also wore a personal absorption belt, something she always kept with her. She wasn't exactly sure what she was going to be facing once the hostilities began. She had her helmet locked onto her hip alongside a simple blaster pistol. The young woman was always happy to see Tom, returning his hug tightly. They didn't spend nearly enough time together, although both had separate duties and responsibilities. "Tom'ika! I've missed you. Yeah, let's check it out. I believe the Mandalorian armies will be here soon, too."

During the trip to the Jed'daii temple, Tom looked at her and asked her if she wanted to have one of [member="Rex Taff"] lightsabers. Beth gave a warm smile to Tom, accepting the lightsaber and clicking it onto her belt. "Thank you, Tom'ika." She let her hand stay holding it for a few moments as she wondered where Rex had went. She missed him, too. Where had he gone? When would he be back? The girl didn't have the answers, but she did wish she could be there for Tom. She could, in her own way, feel what it was like to lose a parent. She gave his arm a slight, encouraging squeeze before she nodded. "Let's hope this part stays peaceful, at least." The girl, strange for a Mandalorian who was adopted by the Mand'alor and a daughter of the top admiral, wasn't much of a jump into battle kinda gal. Not that she wouldn't or couldn't - her long, hard trainings with Gray, Skosk, and her other mentors made sure she would be prepared for a fight.

They finished their walk towards the temple, stopping near the base of it. She glanced up to see dropships flying towards a, presumably, military base. She could tell they were from the Mandalorian and Clan armies. Her buir might be on one of those ships... Ultimately, that didn't matter at the time. She wondered why people might still be at the temple - through her Force, she could sense others Force signatures. She nibbled her lip softly as they continued their descent into the temple.

She hoped that on both sides there would be limited casualties during the fighting, although she understood the need to be proactive on the Empire's part.

[member="Harley"] Fenstermacher | [member="Avin Starfire"] | [member="Kaine Australis"]

Skosk Fett

Enemies: Any RR members, eventually will face [member="Kolab Morcant"]
Allies: ME [member="Beth Australis"] [member="Tom Taff"]

Objective:Take out Identified asteroid base

Location: Away from the main group , on a troop transport heading for the asteroid base.


Forces: 93 Mandalorian Infantry , Dinn Squad(

3 Seismic Charges

Dinn squad, a well known squad that had fought to rescue mand'alor destroying and leading the fight againest enemy armor that got in the way of that dream. This battle hardened veterans had also lead, and controlled the feared Doorknocker, a weapon that struck fear into even the biggest of fortification. Their reputation was that of lunatics , assigned to take out entrenched enemies licking their wounds or hiding behind walls. However the captain that lead them was the icing in the cake of this group of individuals.The mountainous and hulking being was build like a tank, a tower, that was described as barbaric, crafty, and had a knack for blowing sods up as a demolitions expert. The transport launching from one of Kaine's cruisers and carrying them to this base the main target, carrying the famed squad along with a dozen mandalorian marines. This base held elite mercenary unit's that worked for the republic remnant, and as a result would be a tough fight to begin with.

The horned beast's crazy plan was to crash land into the base, in order to go after the base, kind of like a Trojan horse. "Alright vod, we dont have much intel on the personnel that is within this base. What I do know is that their personnel will have similar numbers to ours. Numbers have never mattered to Dinn squad, and now that you are with us they no longer matter to you. We are mandalorians not some milk drinkers that live under our moms basements! Mandalorians, besides Beth, LOVE BOOZE ! I PROMISE THAT EVERY WARRIOR HERE CAN HAVE HIS SHARE OF BOOZE ! RIGHT FROM THE ENEMIES CAMP! OYA ! "

Alpha six, the second command of Skosk , roaring like the mighty wookie she was RAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH . Seconds later, the others in excitement and awe chanted while shaking their fist's OYA!OYA!OYA! This seemed like a pointless engagement, but when given an order the soldier followed it. Unfortunately to Dinn squad, they had no idea what would be ahead of them with no intel it looked like a small and insignificant listening outpost. This would not be the case,two elite forces would clash. With only one yielding victory, General [member="Kaine Australis"] and the Mand'alor [member="Yasha Mantis"] was counting on the captain to assist the general ,as he had gotten things done in the past. An unsuspecting long conflict would commence, the veteran taking the job of pilot at the cockpit. An experienced combat pilot would be needed to pull this off, however many of the men here would die before entering combat.

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
Location - Abandoned Je'daii Temple, Next to [member="Barrien Siegfried"]
Allies: My Republic and Jedi Scrubs, particularly these three atm - [member="Harley"] Fenstermacher [member="Avin Starfire"] [member="Barrien Siegfried"]
Enemies: People coming this way.

Song -

Alexandra yawned as she followed Barrien and the Younglings through the halls of the abandoned temple, blinking with heavy eyes as she looked around at something she would definitely need to look over at a later time. This was a bit of history if nothing else, something that was not in her personal records and she wished to alter and correct those records before the day was done. Not this day, but some other day.

Something was bugging her today but she put it out of mind, choosing to focus on the ruins as she walked and let her hand glide across the surface of the stone. It was cold to the touch and smooth, causing her to smile and look towards the ceiling. It felt like home to her, and while not necessarily a good thing in most cases, it did means he could relax and be happy thinking of the past. This temple was after all in remarkably better shape than her home was in the end, letting her visualize her home through its walls.

She looked towards the others for a moment and saw Barrien show a look that made Alexandra pause and her hand touch the saber inside her sleeve. He seemed to relax but sent off the children, leaving those who remained to be Herself, Him, Harley and Avin standing there. The woman knew this man didn't act rashly so she took her staff up into the air before going to sit down and turn to face towards the entrance of the temple. Carefully laying the Staff on her lap as she started to speak.

"Stop feeling quite so worried Barrien, after all, that's an Emotion, and Emotions are bad and distracting... or something like that." The recently appointed grandmaster smiled at the man and patted the ground, urging the others to sit as well and relax, letting what came to them come and what was to happen, happen.

Norrin Fisck

Location: Abandoned Je'daii Temple | Allies: [member="Alexandra Feanor"] [member="Avin Starfire"] | Enemies: [member="Beth Australis-Mantis"] (Directly), [member="Tom Taff"] | Gear: See Initial Post


"Thine attempts at humor are not well timed," Barrien said to the Grandmaster.

He hadn't been one to support her nomination for the position, precisely for the reason exhibited. She did not appear to have the respect for the code that he had. That bithered him, but ultimately the others had spoken and he respected their decision. He did respect Alex for taking on the role. He believed that they had the right to disagree with one another, too. What he didn't believe was in making remarks at the expense of one persons beliefs when the situation at hand was not a joking matter.

He had, of course, heard Avin speak, but what the man said only confirmed to him that trouble was afoot. Alex took up a position at the entrance which freed him from his, and with Avin there he was confident that the younglings inside the temple would be safe. There were two unknown signatures approaching the temple, and as the drop ships started breaching the atmosphere in the direction of the military base, he headed for the bridge to the stairs on the other side.

He didn't know who it was that had come, but they had come with war in mind. That someone would attack the Republic so brazenly was not expected. Especially at the military stronghold of Teth. There were more soldiers on Teth for training than there were on most other worlds at the moment.

When he reached the other side of the bridge across the chasm, and looked down the steps, he saw two armored figures. Their armor reminded him of ithers he had seen before. He stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at them, blade held in one hand, shield affixed to the other. These were Mandalorians. While he was aware that they had aome of them in the Republic, these two had come with hostile intent. Or, at least, curiosity. The girl was different, for certain.

"Welcome to Teth," he called down to them. "If thou hast come for war, I must inform thee that all those here are not but civilians."

Ever Dawnracer

Matukai Adept
Location: Hidden Ranger Military Installation | Allies: [member="Kolab Morcant"] [member="Setter Ryburn"] | Enemies: Mandalorians | Gear:

"Major, priority transmission."

Ever sat up in the chair she was draped over and motioned for the Liuetenant to bring it up.

"Major, this is General Armitz. Hostiles are invading Teth. Engage defense protocol."

"Yes, sir," Ever said, looking serious.

As soon as the General was done, she jumped up and started barking orders. Priority was to put the base on lockdown and activate defensive emplacements. They had a hardline connection to the base on the surface so they didn't have to worry about their transmissions being hijacked. The cable was buried underground. Provided the enemy remained focuaed on the surface base they didn't have anything to worry about really.

She ran to the ready room to get geared up, meeting most of her squad there. By this point, the army forces would be alerted and on station, prepared to fight whomever it was that had come to call. When she and the others were ready, she ran to the hangar where there were several Skyblades were waiting for them to jump on and take off. Their base was underground and remote from the main base, so they were going to have to ride to get there.

She jumped onto hers and started it up while waiting for the others to do the same. When she got thumbs up from everyone, she nodded.

"Go for launch tube," she said into her comm.

In front of them, a long tunnel lit up. At the end of it, a hatch opened revealing the forest outside. She gunned the engine, and shot down the tunnel before bursting forth into the light outside. It was not a rainy day, but it was cloudy. That gave a lot of cover for the enemy dropships that would be coming. She wondered who they were and why they were attacking Teth. The obvious thought was that it was the Empire or First Order retaliating for them assisting the Alliance, but ahe wasn't going to jump to conclusions.

As her squad raced across the treetops, she prepared herself mentally for the coming battle. It wouldn't be her first fight and she was certain it wouldn't be her last. She just wanted to catch them from the rear. Best way to cause them trouble.

Kolab Morcant

Location: Teth Base, Pool, Heading to the Armory
Allies: [member="Setter Ryburn"] [member="Ever Dawnracer"]
Enemies: Incoming Mandos

By the third or fourth repetition of the alarm Kolab realized he’d been spacing out. Such a thing was bound to happen when the mind’s eye delved into things of serious importance. Such as what the mess hall would be serving for breakfast. Sausage. Hopefully it was sausage. Pour some syrup on that and you had a meal fit for a Hutt. But the thoughts of such delicious things were forced to be put on hold as that alarm just kept on blaring, the tone muffled from where he floated in the belly of that body of water. It was time for action. What exactly had caused the base to be put on high alert, well, time would tell.

Webbed hands and feet exerted themselves viciously against the water in an effort to propel himself from the pool as gracefully as a bantha on ice. That was to say, he managed to get above the surface of the water, clear the edge of the pool and...flop onto the ground on his belly. Sticking the landing was highly overrated anyway. Scrambling upright, he caught sight of a handful of his brothers in arms charging off towards the armory. Exactly which unit they belonged to Kolab couldn’t tell from this far out. The important thing was that they were on his side. Best to stick close to them until further orders came in. He was, after all, just a ground pounder who held the rank of private. His worry should be getting onto the frontlines and preparing for battle. That would require weapons.

Arriving in the armory shortly after Setter and his men, the Karkarodon set to arming himself up. In this case that meant seeking out the largest scatter gun he could find, and allocating as much ammunition as possible. He wasn’t about to win any commendations for marksmanship, that was for sure. His attention was focused on Setter however, as his best assumption was that he and his fellows were special forces. This drew a sharkish grin across his face. Nothing boosted morale like standing shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best.

“Sir! You need an extra trooper on your side?”