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Approved NPC Australis Snatch Squad

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Coopers Cooler

  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: Limited
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
    Dedicated strike team with a single mission parameter, get in, secure a live target, and get out again, stopping for nothing.

    State of the art carbonite-based weaponry extremely well suited to taking targets alive

    Underequipped to deal with heavy resistance alone.

    While very effective at close range, this is not a unit well equipped for any sort of ranged engagement, unable to engage targets accurately at range
  • Description: With the growth of Clan Australis and the Mandalorian Empire, a need arose for a dedicated unit capable of penetrating even heavily defended locations to bring individuals out alive, potentially against their will.

    For some time Mando'ade have been returning to the homeworld in great numbers, and being Mando'ade, there are a fair number of them with martial skills. This has led to the creation of many new teams, units, and even clans. Within the Clan of Australis, efforts towards more indirect forms of warfare pointed to the need for a dedicated team able to safely secure a target and bring it out of danger quickly. Existing units lacked the specialized equipment and training for hostage rescue or intelligence gathering operations of this level of danger.

    Rather than create a large dedicated unit, a small team was trained, personally by senior enlisted men of the Clan and a few officers to oversee them. They were equipped with the latest in Carbonite and Cryo-ban utilities as well as the best equipment Mandalore could build or buy. Trained to a razor's edge of readiness, this elite team stands ready to answer the call of the Aliit Alor, when the time comes to reach out and take a being into custody, or pull a VIP out of danger. The SAS does not kneel to failure.
[member="Kaine Australis"]

So a few things that need addressed:
  • Looking over the equipment list, it would appear that the Corporis Skinsuit and War Armour cancel out each others weaknesses. Furthermore, the War Armour, I see, comes equipped with a heavy personal autocannon, at standard range and boasting of high accuracy, as a standard feature. This, to me, negates the weaknesses of the unit as they have quite the effective ranged weapon to use against both heavy resistance and in ranged combat as I see the SR-100 links to the helmet HUD and doesn't require them using their hands to shoot with it to be accurate. If you want to keep your current weaknesses, please remove the War Armour as part of the submission.
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