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Aran Finn

Aran Finn

Alen Na'Varro


Alen, circa 16 ABY (in Ruusan military regalia)


Alen, circa 837 ABY


Alen, circa 844 ABY

NAME: Alen Na'Varro
FACTION: The Galactic Republic
RANK: Jedi Master
AGE: 847 (41 in actual lived years)
HEIGHT: 179cm
WEIGHT: 86kg
EYES: Red/Brown
HAIR: Red/Brown
SKIN: Fair


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
NATURAL ATHLETE - Alen was born with natural athletic talents, and possesses the fast-twitch muscle fibers that separate great athletes from good athletes. Na'Varro takes to climbing, running, swimming and fighting like others do to walking.
GIFTED ANALYTICAL MIND - Na'Varro is not a quick-witted man, but when given time he is able to devise intricate plans and decipher the intentions of others. Though not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, he is capable of out-maneuvering those who underestimate him.
SUPERB MARTIAL ARTS TECHNIQUE - Alen has spent his entire life training and practicing the arts of hand-to-hand combat. Technique was drilled into him at an early age. His concept of timing, application of movement, application of inch-perfect technique, ability to read what his opponent is going to attempt next, application of weight and "fight IQ" are all extremely advanced. Na'Varro has studied several forms of martial arts and has mastered a couple. He is possibly the foremost proponent of submission grappling in the galaxy, and his striking is high level.
SUPERB LIGHTSABER TECHNIQUE - Alen has intimate knowledge of seven lightsaber forms, Jar'Kai and Trakata ... though his specialty is the form he has mastered, Djem So. Alen's hybrid Djem So style is functional, and his in-depth knowledge of footwork and weighting hold him in high esteem by those in the know.
SLIPPERY MENTAL DEFENCE - Na'Varro struggles with the mental aspect of the Force, but having had several mentalist Masters, he has learned a system of mental defence which allows him to hang in there with high level mentalists. Called the Heart of Ice, Alen splits his mind into two separate and completely inverse parts which hold two entirely different aspects of himself. Top tier mentalists such as Je'gan Ol'raen are able to pierce this system of defence, but it is not easily overcome.
INCREASED PROFICIENCY WITH INTERNALISED FORCE POWERS - Alen excels with Force powers such as Force Shield and Force Weapon, which require a projection of emotion that is focused internally rather than externally. His application of Force Grip/Crush is also directly affected by this affinity with internal emotions.
LINEAGE - Alen comes from a long line of Sith Lords and carries their legacy. This imbues him with a certain confidence that can only help him.

QUICK, VIOLENT TEMPER - Alen has on occasion let his emotions get the better of him. His temper can get him into spots that are difficult to get out of. He has killed in anger before, and not just the once.
CAN BE TRICKED - His emotional attitude has allowed him to be fooled on occasion. When pressed into making quick decisions, Alen can often make foolish mistakes.
SUSCEPTIBLE TO MENTAL INSTABILITY - Na'Varro has gone mad on no less than two occasions. He was a less than present father, often disappearing into the Unknown Regions and wildspace without giving notice. He was even a god King amongst the natives on Felucia once, before a Jedi found him and cured his mind.
WAR WOUNDS - Alen has fought many duels over the years, and he hasn't won all of them. He has taken some grievous wounds, and they have taken their toll. He is dangerous, but a lot less mobile than he used to be. Still mobile, but not so blindingly fast.
REPRESSED, PAINFUL PAST - He has accumulated enough suffering and hardship for ten men, and subconsciously represses most of his bad memories. As such, there are many things he cannot admit to, and has not dealt with.

Reaver - personalised Blackbird stealth fighter

Alen was born and raised in the year 12BBY as a member of the Equit family of Varro, having grown up in his ancestral lands while his family was still a great power the Outer Rim world of Ascension. His father Aran was a traditionalist, reverting his family’s ways back to how they had been when they were Kings and conquerors during the early years of Ascension's colonisation. Historically, the Varro were savage raiders and warmongers, known for their ambition and cunning. Aran, being both ambitious and cunning, had designs on the Hegemony of Ascension and saw in Alen in his natural heir, choosing to groom him for a life of rule.

What Aran created, however, was an insecure, brooding child who was quick to anger and possessed a violent rage and a calculating edge. A success, in Aran’s eyes. However, before Aran Na’Varro’s goals could come to fruition his rivals turned against him and defeated him in a swift and bloody war, his keep was sacked, and the Varro clan was wiped from the galaxy. Or so it was thought. Alen, at age sixteen, managed to survive by hiding in a pile of dead retainers, and stole away in the dark of night. From that day forth the galaxy was unleashed on Alen Na’Varro, and he was lonely, angry and scared.

He spent eight years roaming the galaxy, keeping his head down and sticking to the scummier side of the stars. Running with smugglers and mercenaries, Alen increased in confidence. In this time he came to realise his Force Potential by sheer accident. Perhaps the rumours of the first Na’Varro being Sith weren’t untrue after all? However, he had no intention of joining those darksiders, having come to realise the evil in his father’s ways. If there was one thing he would never be, it would be to be like his father. As such, Alen set out to find the Aing Tii monks, win their trust and discover their secrets. However, that was not to be.

A momentary stopover in 16ABY resulted in a freak pirate attack and a forced landing on Ruusan, where Alen’s potential was quickly discovered by a local Dark Jedi sect called the Penumbra. Revan Luciano, a leader of that faction, sensed danger in the violent, angry drifter, but he accepted him nonetheless, on the proviso that he was watched closely. Soon after, Alen turned to the tutelage of another black sheep, Talus Invictus, and under his watchful eye the young man prospered. The legendary darksider was a fearful telekenetic master, but in his new people he sensed a more martial mind. Alen became a bladesman under his tutelage, focusing on and becoming fearsome with a lightsaber. Time with the Penumbra dulled Alen’s pain and tempered his aggressive and ambitious tendencies, and soon he became a trusted member of the Dark Jedi sect. In Invictus, he found his first acceptable father figure, and after his master’s disappearance he obsessed with finding him and returning him home.

After many failed forays into the Unknown Regions and wildspace in search of the missing Talus Invictus, some at the side of Invictus' old friend Killian Quane, Alen returned to Ruusan a battered man. He soon picked himself up, however, a soon entered Quane's tutelage. Killian was possibly the most powerful being in the galaxy at that point in time, mixing an incredible mastery of the blade with serious mental power. Alen, who had been molded in his image, grew even stronger training with Killian. Despite his relative lack of power against Masters, Alen became well known for his technical proficiency with the blade. He crossed blades with many famous duelists during that time period, his chief rivals being Daniel Aldan and Raien Keth. By 25ABY, Alen was one of the deadliest duelists in the galaxy. Though still a Knight, his bladework was considered very skilled.

During this time, Alen found and fell in love with and married an Ascension noblewoman, Eva Na’Cyra. He and Eva had twins a few years later named Aran and Aiko, and the Varro clan began to reform on Charny, one of Ruusan's three moons. The following events are confusing, but in the end Eva and the two children end up dead and Alen on the run (as Aran Finn). It was soon after this that Alen's ship, Ruusan's Fury, fell into a wormhole and came out over 800 years in the future. Still on the run due to an irregularity in the space/time continuum, Alen attempts to establish himself in the new galaxy he has found himself in.

After the Ruusan's Fury crash-landed on Feriae Junction, Na'Varro briefly assimilated himself on board the salvaging vessel, The Mage. This arrangement didn't last long, however. After being exposed as a Dark Jedi by Jedi Knight Tallia Farn, he left the crew of The Mage under the request of the captain, Ignasius Van-Derveld, and headed for his homeworld of Ascension. After a brief power struggle, Na'Varro overthrew the monarchy and established a republic, though it was essentially a shadow oligarchy run by himself. He spent a month building his power base on his homeworld, and then offered his services to a nation halfway across the galaxy, the powerful and ambitious Fringe Confederation. Why did he do this? The opportunity to make powerful friends, and a name for himself in the new galaxy he found himself in.

Na'Varro quickly established himself as a bastion of the Fringe. He conquered Javin, helped successfully defend O'reen against the mighty Galactic Republic, who were grievously weakened by their decisive defeat at the hands of the Fringe and never fully recovered. He masterminded the risky Invasion of Eriadu, which was defeated by the superior Protectorate fleet under Ayden Cater, though Na'Varro's ground forces achieved all their objectives. The culmination of his work at the Fringe was the reception of the Medal of the Confederation for his destruction of the Star Destroyer Obscurity during the Battle of Morellia. The Fringe's most decorated war hero, except for perhaps Ashin Varanin, he remains an Arbiter of the Fringe to this day, though he has taken a more reserved role within the Confederation as of late.

Personally, Na'Varro has previously been linked with former Fringe High Councillor Kitt Solo, though they have not been photographed together recently and Solo has been identified by various galactic tabloids as having a "steamy new relationship" with the sexy captain of an exploration/salvage vessel.







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