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An opportunity

Zion Dependus

New Member
@[member="Vilox Pazela"]
Zion moved through the rather warm hallways of the Sith Order on Korriban, his eyes twitching due to the dim air within the orders walls. The smell was horrible, you could think that within the order laid hundreds of dead corpses. This was probably true either way. He turned a corner in the hallway and saw two figures in the end of the continuation of the long corridors, one who was rather short and one who was taller and had plain black robes. Zion saw a bit of the facial structure on the taller man, depicting him as the infamous Sith Lord, Vilox Pazela.

He moved further into the door way and looked at the unknown Sith Acolyte, and shoved his hand up a bit to the two of them before swirling it around to make a bow towards Vilox.
"My Lord", Zion pronounced. "I wish to have a word with you, if I so may", he continued.