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Character Admiral Elisabeth Zita

Fleet Admiral of the Eternal Empire

Fleet Admiral Elisabeth Zita Lorell of Hapes
Admiral, Eternal Empire Navy

NAME: Elisabeth Zita Lorell
The Eternal Empire
RANK: Admiral
AGE: 29
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 125lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Pale


Experienced commander with fifteen years in naval service
Skilled and extensively trained in close range combat

Sexist, particularly towards males, particularly human males
Permanent exile from her home space left her particuarly lonely, and somewhat cold and emotionless, she puts on a face to the galaxy, and with this; despite being surrounded by thousands of beings on a daily basis, she constantly feels utterly and completely alone; with predictable consequences



Elisabeth is physically fit and conventionally attractive, with a lean build but with strong ropy muscles, dark hair and bright blue eyes. She tends to a military uniform when on duty, though equips herself with armor for field operations. Off duty, she enjoys taking the opportunity to show off her femininity, and prefers sunny locations for shore leave in order to more properly get as best a tan as possible.



A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, I was born in the Hapes Cluster, on one of the worlds nobody ever mentions because it isn't Hapes itself. A stupid place if you want to know what I think, and well behind me. My family were somewhat wealthy, enough that my enrolment in the Naval Academy was in their eyes, a disgrace, not to mention I was just slightly underage. My family, House Lorell, claims descent from the most ancient of Hapan blood, and the other houses resent us for that claim. I broke ties with my family soon after, but my career in the Navy was my true focus. Unfortunately for me, there were other girls, from better familes, that didn't take kindly to my outstripping and on occasion, embarrassing them.

Though I soon rose to my own command, the enemies I had made also rose to theirs, and took their opportunity for revenge. A long take, suffice it to say, I uncovered a plot to assassinate the Hapan Queen Mother, and foiled it with my limited patrol force before the assassins could move. Instead of being rewarded, the coup was covered up, and the robust Hapan politics took over and did the rest. I was charged with destruction of royal property, and scum put about rumors that my House had been plotting against the throne. Faced with death, or worse, I fled their so-called justice for the wider galaxy. Later I discovered my exile had been made permanent. No matter. There would always be a place in any navy for a capable officer.
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