Star Wars RP

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  1. Frozenbeard

    Character Vladislav Von Kresvelgard

    Vladislav Von Kresvelgard Identification NAME: Vladislav Von Kresvelgard ALIASES: Progenitor of the Von Kresvelgard Dynasty Founder of the Von Kresvelgard Bloodline Count Ivan Valtor [Public Alias] Vlad Von Kresvelgard [Short Version of Name] The Senseless Butcher King of the Sangnir...
  2. Vladimir Kovačić

    Character Vladimir Kovačić

    Vladimir Kovačić Music never fade away Aliases Vlad, "V" Call Sign "SAWBONES" Class(es) Combat Medic Cybernetics Specialist Birthplace Serenno Age Twenty-three Personality Traits Lively Creative Humorous Bold Education Traits Savant Unconventional Genius "Street-kid"...