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ambered alert

  1. Simultas

    The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread] A man’s voice, tinny and distant, spoke through the speaker of a holoplayer in a dark room. “Many innocent victims were trapped in its wake. As of now, all of Miller's Park is under quarantine. This week's upcoming fundraiser will raise...
  2. D

    The Ugly [Mini-Board Event Auction]

    The image of Terrance Olavi appeared on the holoscreens and datapads of the successful applicants of his secretive auction. With the help of some of the best slicers around, Terrance was able to not only hide his own location, but the entire auction as well. Only those that secured their entry...
  3. Carla

    Approved Tech CASM

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a device to 'reverse'the effects of the AMBER in the mini-event. Image Source: Pintrest Canon Link: n/a Restricted Missions: Limited to the Ambered Alert mini-event and possibly as an award. Primary Source: n/a PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer...
  4. Carla

    Approved Tech AMBER Pistol

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a blaster for firing the AMBER in the Ambered Alert mini-event Image Source: Aaron de Leon Canon Link: n/a Restricted Missions: Ambered Alert event Primary Source: n/a PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: [member="Terrance Olavi"] Model: Pistol...
  5. Simultas


    NAME: Simultas FACTION: N/A RANK: Lieutenant SPECIES: Gen'Dai AGE: Nearly two thousand years SEX: Male HEIGHT: 7'9'' WEIGHT: 388 lbs. EYES: Orange HAIR: N/A SKIN: N/A. All muscle and nerve clusters FORCE SENSITIVE: N/A STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) : +Gen'Dai, Can...