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  1. Guarn


    well if you want some one who can take a kicking and keep kicking. i'm her
  2. Guarn

    Approved Tech guarn's stealth tech

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent:A personal stealth tech for guarn. Image Source: na Canon Link: Nightshadow , Shadowskin Reflec Nutorium Restricted Missions: Jak-o-Lantern Primary Source: na PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Guarn Model: na Affiliation: Guarn Modularity: Production...
  3. Guarn

    looking to get a ship coloured

    im looking to see if i can get this coloured in a sort of purple i can offer a micromissile rifle ic if required.
  4. Guarn

    lookin' to do somethin'

    well i have a kinda new character and want yo get something started.
  5. Guarn

    Approved Tech Guarn's axe

    Image Source: http://comicvine.gamespot.com/liz-t-blood/4005-98355/images/ Intent: Personal weapon for Guarn Development Thread: if needed Manufacturer: Guarn Model: na Affiliation: Guarn Modularity: no Production: Unique Material: Trimentium Ferrosteel Klesh and Ultrasonic Vibration Generator...
  6. Guarn


    Guarn NAME: Guarn. FACTION: bountyhunter RANK: na SPECIES: Alunoviaan / Gendai hybrid AGE: 250 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5ft WEIGHT: 87lbs all muscle EYES: red HAIR: ginger SKIN: pale FORCE SENSITIVE: Aye...
  7. Guarn

    double post

  8. Guarn

    can you sell a NPC?

    im getting rid of this character can i sell this npc off? http://starwarsrp.net/topic/91909-quin-hornfell/
  9. Guarn

    Saber Vambrace auction

    im dropping this character. so im selling this off. http://starwarsrp.net/topic/91894-saber-vambrace/ it can be used with a standard saber too.
  10. Guarn

    ok so you get a casting call for the next movie..

    Who do you play?
  11. Guarn


    im thinking of creating a 2nd race of midvinter. based on the Celts and Scott's. aka a bunch of drunken mental cases.
  12. Guarn

    Approved NPC Quin Hornfell

    Name: Quin Hornfell Loyalties: Jedi Role: Youngling Development Threads: if needed Species: Valkri Force Sensitivity: yes youngling Appearance: ciri the witcher 1 http://i.picpar.com/fLjb.jpg Personality: A young tomboyish Youngling who enjoys rough and tumble. Is Fairly energetic and...
  13. Guarn

    Well i was allowed in so there goes the neighborhood.

    So yeah a Scottish padawan so theirs that..
  14. Guarn

    Och aye the noo

    so whits up? yeh scunners huve got a Scottish padawan here.
  15. Guarn

    Approved Tech Saber Vambrace

    Image Source: http://img10.deviantart.net/b981/i/2014/261/3/3/primal__jen_tate_by_irishhips-d7zn2m9.jpg Intent:personal weapon for Guarn Development Thread: if needed Manufacturer: n/a Model: n/a Affiliation: Force users Modularity: yes i intend alternate blades later similar to those in primal...
  16. Guarn

    Guarn Hornfell

    Guarn Hornfell http://chirinstock.deviantart.com/gallery/3586661/Woad-Series?offset=24 NAME: Guarn Hornfell. FACTION: Jedi RANK: padawan SPECIES: Vakyri AGE: 15 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5ft 7 WEIGHT: 300lbs all muscle EYES: green HAIR: ginger SKIN: weathered FORCE SENSITIVE: Aye...