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  1. Metis Athena Elpis

    Striving to Achieve

    https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/striving-to-achieve.127258/ Metis nodded her understanding. “Of Course Master, emotions in battle can be at times a distraction” Metis felt embarrassed by her Masters apology, her training with the Handmaidens, was relatively strict and formal, like much of...
  2. Metis Athena Elpis

    Striving to Achieve.

    Metis read through the the datapads entry for what seemed like the dozenth time, making new notes as she did so. Although predominately a human based culture and society, there have been references and examples, of other species being adopted or in some cases pressed into service by...
  3. Metis Athena Elpis

    Metis Athena Elpis

    CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY TEMPLATE Metis Athena Elpis NAME: Metis Athena Elpis FACTION: Silver Jedi Order RANK: Handmaiden SPECIES: Human. AGE: 19 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 1.66m WEIGHT: 55kg EYES: Dark Brown. HAIR: Brown SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...