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  1. McKenna Rory

    Approved Tech MR-1 Custom SlugThrower Carbine

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a custom slugthrower for McKenna Image Source: https://www.armslist.com/posts/8455502/austin-texas-rifles-for-sale--colt-m4-carbine-5-56-nato-ar-15-w-redfield-scope Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: Slugthrower PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  2. McKenna Rory

    Recruiting day

    Hoylin... it wasn't a planet that McKenna would go to willingly, however she had very little choice in the matter when her A-Wing was running low on fuel. So she stopped, while her fighter was being fueled she would head toward a quaint cantina. Upon stepping inside the Cantina all eyes were on...
  3. McKenna Rory

    McKenna Rory

    NAME: McKenna Rory FACTION: Confederacy of Independant systems RANK: Lieutenant (Fighter Pilot) SPECIES: Near-Human AGE: 19 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 4’10 WEIGHT: 90 lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Blonde SKIN: Fair FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...