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  1. Enyo Typhos


    The Archangel hospital room is clean and pristine, but devoid of what some would call the 'human touch'. That is fine with me. I do not need flowers and get-well-soon cards. There is a small crack in the ceiling. I suppose even droid efficiency has its limitations. I should not have awoken this...
  2. Enyo Typhos

    Farewell, Little Sister

    It is over. We have won. Maelion Liates and Moira Skaldi have both been destroyed. Our siblings are safe. Archangel is mine. Everything that has transpired ever since I awoke in the cloning tank - weak, confused, frightened - has led to this day. And you're gone. I watch you depart, Amara. My...
  3. Enyo Typhos

    Education II

    Gehenna. It is a world of deserts, lava rivers, jagged mountains and monsters. In the old days, it was the homeworld of the Bando Gora. Nothing grows beneath its burning hot sun. The atmosphere is toxic. Anyone who leaves the caves without a sealed environmental suit is done for. Word is that...
  4. Enyo Typhos

    Sisters of Blood and Iron III

    I do not feel pain from the explosion. Or the hot shards of shrapnel lodged inside me. The same applies to the rubble that came tumbling down upon me. But lack of feeling does not translate into lack of impairment. Smoke coils from my armour. I am limping. My skirn is torn and ripped, and with...
  5. Enyo Typhos

    Sisters of Blood and Iron

    This is it. The finale. Before the day is over, my family will be safe. And Archangel will be mine. I will have control. The cries of battle unfurl with unabashed brutality in every direction. Archangel has hordes of battle droids, Shards and HRDs. They have nothing to lose. Droids feel neither...
  6. Enyo Typhos


    The strong do as they will, and the weak suffer what they must. Archangel, Korriban and Matsu taught me that. With the benefit of hindsight, I should thank the Silver Jedi for raining down destruction upon Korriban City. I was bathed in hellfire and almost perished. I emerged the stronger for...
  7. Enyo Typhos

    Family Bonding

    There was another Thuella. Her life was cruelly taken from her just moments after she awoke from the cloning tube and said her first words. She looked to me for help. She trusted me. I strangled her to death. I blot this image out while we spar. Your wear her face, you share her name and her...
  8. Enyo Typhos

    Sisters of Blood and Iron II

    Thuella dies. Over and over again. She never even gets to leave the tank. “En-yo?" she asks. Her eyes are filled with such trust and love. It turns to confusion. “Enyo? P-please,“ she begs. Then my mechanical fingers close in on her throat and I snap her neck. The light vanishes from her...
  9. Enyo Typhos


    I must admit. I like Karakorum. The planet is wild and untamed. The Kraal makes no bones of who and what they are. They only respect strength, they raid and pillage and they keep slaves. Outsiders would call them barbaric. I call them honest. They have no mercy for the weak, but they keep their...