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  1. Alyona Volkovna (Алёна)

    Hunter and Hunter

    Continued from Togoria Invasion... Location: Togorian Wilderness Duel: Private Allies: Galactic Republic Enemies: One Sith, [member=Xavka Duquo] Gear: Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber Utility Belt: NN-14 Blaster Pistol Grenades::>3 x Thermal Detonator; 3 x Flash-bomb Miscellaneous::>Scanner...
  2. Alyona Volkovna (Алёна)

    Approved Tech Luke Skywalker's Second Lightsaber (Episode VI--)

    Image Source: lightsaber-display-ben-luke.jpg Intent: (Example: 'A personal weapon for Darth Scabious' or 'an advanced armored personnel carrier for the Republic') Development Thread: This one is mine, I no longer use yours Manufacturer: Luke Skywalker Model: N/A Affiliation: Luke Skywalker...
  3. Alyona Volkovna (Алёна)

    Help Our Mandalorian Allies!

    http://starwarsrp.net/topic/66744-generis-to-a-fault-line-mandalorian-dominion-of-generis/#entry1002510 The Mandalorians are running a dominion of Generis, and considering the amount of help they've provided us with in the past (and present, if anyone is following the dominion of Rhommamool and...
  4. Alyona Volkovna (Алёна)

    Corvus Raaf is going to be MY Master!?

    Alyona finished laying out the last of her clothes on the bed she'd been given at the small Jedi Enclave on Onderon, the more or less "new" capital of the Republic. She glanced down at her handiwork, her clothing all nice and neatly pressed for inspection, should there be one of any kind. Truly...
  5. Alyona Volkovna (Алёна)

    Alyona Voxynov (Алёна Вохынов)

    TO BE COMPLETED Alyona "Voxyn" Volkovna FACTION: The Jedi Order (of the Galactic Republic) RANK: Jedi Knight SPECIES: Echani AGE: 22 (started writing her at 19) SEX: Female HEIGHT: 70 in (6'4") / 1.77 m WEIGHT: 170 lbs / 77 kg EYES: Hazel shot with Bronze HAIR: White-grey...