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  1. Hank Winnfield

    Approved NPC Noho The Pit Droid

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To be an assistant for my RP Character, minor role for set up and helping RP story Image Credit: X XX Role: Assistant Permissions: N/A Links: DUM-series pit droid PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: 3 Force Sensitivity: No Model: DUM-series pit droid Appearance...
  2. Hank Winnfield

    Private Either We Bring You Warm Or Cold, Your Choice

    Location: Ord Mantell, Inside An Unused Black Sun Factory Scream and grunting filled the dark hall, as on the far end at the right side there's a dim light coming out of it. The closer someone get to the room, the clearer the scream as the voice keeps intensifying. Standing at front of the...
  3. Hank Winnfield

    "We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell." ~ Oscar Wilde

    Looking for 1-4 individuals who are interested to do some contracts or a hit, Anni-Frid & Agnetha are quite thirsty for some action. I'm not looking for commitment but a one night stand So, let's have some fun shall we?
  4. Hank Winnfield

    Character Hank Winnfield

    Hank Winnfield The Pale Man NAME: Hank Winnfield FACTION: - RANK: - SPECIES: Human AGE: 30 SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.8 M WEIGHT: 85 KG EYES: Dark Brown HAIR: Bald SKIN: Pale White FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes LANGUAGES: Basic Huttese Mando'a Ubese LIKES & DISLIKES: Likes...
  5. Hank Winnfield

    Accidental Double Post, Dunno How To Delete The Double

    Double Post, Dunno Why It Does That Also Dunno How To Delete Double Post Send Help