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  1. Anya Venari

    Introduction to Myself and Kaeshana

    Hello, and thank you for reading! The planet of Kaeshana in the Expansion region of the galaxy has recently joined the galactic community in a systematic way. The shock of new peoples, ideas and technology on the Eldorai people has been great, but still we are always willing to learn more. For...
  2. Anya Venari

    The Eldorai Star Queens Part 1

    This will be the first in a series on the Star Queens of Kaeshana. An unbroken chain of rule of 40 Queens can be seen back 3132 years, or starting in 2293BBY in galactic terms. Since that time, with some temporary hiccups, the Queens have ruled all the Eldorai people. The tradition for these...
  3. Anya Venari

    The Geography and Landscape of Kaeshana Part I

    In addition to my series on the Eldorai Star Queens, I will be adding a geographical description of my homeworld of Kaeshana. Unlike other worlds I have visited, Kaeshana’s land is almost entirely concentrated into a single massive continent. This feature has defined Eldorai civilisation and...