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  1. Galaar Tal'Verda

    So! Most people know me on this character. He may be dead but I'm back.

    Yo. Its been awhile, I need a place to RP, so throw things at me to RP pls. Also- Hello Chaos.
  2. Galaar Tal'Verda

    I Return! (Though not on this character)

    Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Well! Hello there Chaos! Its good to see you again, I the great Kest, have decided to make my return upon this site and while I shall not be playing Galaar much or at all since he's dead I figured this was the best account to post on! Its good to see old friends...
  3. Galaar Tal'Verda

    A Wayward Brother Accounted For... (Calico and Galaar)

    Galaar was back on Bothawui after trumping around the CIS border-worlds once again. He was a militia advisor now and went from place to place, Roon in particular, training ragtag teams with skills graced upon him by Mandalorian Super-Commandos to pay back a debt that the Liberty Concord...
  4. Galaar Tal'Verda

    LOA, homies!

    So... To anyone I am posting to, as of tonight I will no longer have access to the board for a week due to family obligations. I will return Monday of next week. Meeep!
  5. Galaar Tal'Verda

    The things we do...

    Galaar is, ICly, stealing the stealth corvettes from the Concord and giving them back to the CIS. He will disappear and three days later, his ship and another frigate (Unarmed) will arrive with food, medical supplies, and a his personal effects. I will be back eventually.... STRONGER THAN EVAH!
  6. Galaar Tal'Verda

    Blast From The Past (Galaar/RC-1025)

    The Thundering Spire drifted through Omega Space, not far off from Corellia. The ship was searching for salvage for use of the their flotilla's live ship (this thread is pre. liveship construction for an official time stamp), and they had seemingly struck gold as a large derelict what seemed to...
  7. Galaar Tal'Verda

    When Words Are Needed (Galaar/Salem)

    To put it bluntly, Galaar was about to break all the governmental laws that held the Concord together. He had recently had a meeting with a Templar, who had explained a bounty that he had no idea was placed. After a stressful, emotionally breaking couple of days he decided in his stupor that he...
  8. Galaar Tal'Verda

    A Flotilla: The Liberty Concord

    Helloooooo folks! Now that everything has been put together, I would like to officially announce the Liberty Concord. The Liberty Concord is a faction, dedicated to freedom and survival. Our IC goal is to avoid pointless warfare or warfare in general. To stand by this goal, we are constructing...
  9. Galaar Tal'Verda

    Member Roster

    Alright Folks! This a message fro your buddy Galaar, check in here and I'll add you to a Roster.
  10. Galaar Tal'Verda

    A Long and Arduous Recovery... (Galaar/Canal/Joshua/Anyone Else PM to join)

    Weeks had passed since Galaar's head injury and the clone was now in the medical facilities on Zenith Prime. Every day a Rydian Vong sent by High Priest Grag arrived and performed what seemed to be agonizing shaping on Galaar. The biotechnology, now augmented to function with humans slowly...
  11. Galaar Tal'Verda

    Retrofitted Katarn Armor "Mark IV Katarn Rig"

    (Image Credit: Lucasarts) Intent: To create a Retrofitted Katarn Armor more suited for Modern Combat for Calico Tal'verda and CC-252 Galaar. Development Thread: N/A Manufacturer: Czerka Arms (Custom bought and made by said Corp on behest of Isley Verd) Model: Retrofitted Katarn Armor...
  12. Galaar Tal'Verda

    Factory Issues

    Okay- I recently went to try and add a submission to the factory. Now when I try and send the submission in via the 'Post' button it refreshes and brings me to the main forum as if it posted, yet nothing is being posted. I've done the following: clear my cache, reset my internet, reset my...
  13. Galaar Tal'Verda

    A simple waltz through the Jungle (Adelaide Baldesarra and Galaar)

    A lone clone climbed off the CIS shuttle that had farried him to Rishi. The planet was a lush, jungle world with multiple mines, research stations, and towns across its humid surface. Now he was landing in a small town named Rishi Bend. There was one goal in mind for this trip to this lovely...
  14. Galaar Tal'Verda

    A Crash Landing and a Junk-World (Galaar/Voroll)

    Political Envoy (Fel and CIS) The two factions came to meet each other in neutral space above the junk world of Raxus Prime. It was seemingly like every other meeting to discuss supply routes and trade prices, two ships docking on one neutral ship with a small contingency of guards...
  15. Galaar Tal'Verda

    Clones like Dominions (CIS Dominion of Sriluur 100 posts)

    CIS Dominion of Sriluur Depose of the hostile Hutt-Lord Free Slaves from Spice Mines Kill the Sith Consort Free Sienar Engineer Lockdown Hutt Palace and destroy mercenary army Sriluur, a planet of deserts, acidic volcanos and gysers, and of course spice and dim-wits. The planet had oddly...
  16. Galaar Tal'Verda

    The Ballad of Leroy Jenkins (CIS Dominion of Toong'L 100 posts)

    CIS Dominion of Toong'L Objectives: Decimate Sith Forces on World Slay the Sith Commander and his Apprentices Avoid Civilian Casualites Capture Vong Schematics Destory Local Vong War Coordinator Spread Peace, Freedom, and Democracy Toong'L, once the site of local Vong force and War...
  17. Galaar Tal'Verda

    Space is Cool. (Galaar/Calico)

    Galaar removed his helmet with a low grunt. They were in off Coruscant now aboard a friend's ship that it was humming its way through the endless void of space on its way to some unmentioned Confederate world. So the Seps are still around when our brothers aren't? We're alive when noboby else...
  18. Galaar Tal'Verda

    RC-252 "Galaar"

    NAME: (Formerly) RC-252 MIA (currently) Galaar FACTION: N/A RANK: A former Private in the GAR SPECIES: Vong Shaped Fett Clone AGE: Biologically, 24. SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6'0" WEIGHT: 252 EYES: Dark Brown HAIR: Short, black hair, closely shaved enough that you can skin. SKIN: Light brown...