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    Private Of Mice and Men | Emergency Senate Session (Galactic Alliance)

    There was little to say after the last Senate meeting had transpired. There were many that populated Coruscant’s streets who wanted vengeance. Their lives, for the last decade, had been shaped by the ever-looming shadow of the Sith Empire and their raids. When the time came for when they could...
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    Campaign Faction The Knife's Edge | Galactic Alliance

    Coruscant // Senate Rotunda // Grand Convocation Chamber Much transpired during his absence from the political theatre of the Senate Floor. It wasn't that long ago that Otto began campaigning for a seat at the table. Where the Replica Droid would no longer stand on the sidelines, saying what...
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    Dominion Justice Prevails | GA Dominion of Plexis

    SENATE FLOOR Everything was coming together perfectly. The vocal majority had so far willingly accepted the motion presented by both the Senators of Odik and Khomm. That meant, with some minor alterations here and there, the Alliance would soon have its own iteration of the Bondsmen Guild. No...
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    Tomorrow, Together - Elect Otto Shule for Coruscant's Senator

    Paid for by the Republic Engineering Corporation.
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    Character Otto Shule

    Only took me four years, lol
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