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    Darth Morbian: the right hand of God.

    [member="Darth Morbian"] I'm first cousins with Kaine. :mellow:
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    Darth Morbian: the right hand of God.

    [member="Darth Morbian"] It is not hate. It is... disbelief at the absurd number of deplorable ilk under that name, as I am related to you all. Not that I know this, IC.
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    Darth Morbian: the right hand of God.

    Another one? <_<
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    Faction Owner Nominations!

    [member="Kad Tor"], for sure. :P
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    Sundari Rising

    [member="Darth Metus"] - once, she'd met him, albeit briefly, amongst a gathering of other witches. An alchemist, thus a crafter in his own right, it had interested her to seek to learn from him, and expand her knowledge as a creator. This, at the very least, was what she sought. Additionally...
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    Looking for a Family

    [member="Kamon Vondiranach"] I believe the local terminology is 'breeds like a Zambrano.' <_<
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    Looking for a Family

    [member="Kamon Vondiranach"] Yes. Lots of cousins. :mellow:
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    Katrine Van Derveld

    Don't mind that filth, [member="Katrine Van-Derveld"].
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    Reid Zambrano-Ticon

    [member="Darth Carnifex"] The as-yet unknown fact that we are only cousins doesn't make that thought any less disgusting. :p
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    Reid Zambrano-Ticon

    You wish™ [member="Darth Carnifex"]
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    Reid Zambrano-Ticon

    ^This. Let's keep [member="Reid Zambrano-Ticon"] on the sane side of the family, shall we, [member="Maria Natalja"]? <_<
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    Beastmaster Bioships

    Ooh, let's do this thing.
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    [Witchmasters] Yavin IV: Disposition of the Grounds

    She hadn't been to Yavin IV since the Mando'ade had reclaimed it after the events that saw billions vanish into something that she had learned was the Netherworld of the Force, but forests, jungles, privacy, and solitude were fond things to the renewed witch, so to have been granted a small...
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    Can You Show Me? [ Mandalorian Knights ]

    Not more than a few feet away from the Mand'alor was his apprentice, more in the ways not pertaining to life as a Mandalorian - that was well taken care of in her bond with [member="Naimes Ahn-Dross"] - as a crafter from her mid-childhood, as a witch when she chose to embrace it after running...
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    Aeron Zambrano

    [member="Maria Natalja"] - Let's you and me be the sane ones of this fruitbasket of a family, sister. <_<