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Vandemar is a planet in the Unknown Regions, a world dedicated to militarism and technocratism, defying all religion and seeking the dominance of the many, the rulership of ordinary people over the very few who wield the Force.


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  • {{ Government Structure: Principality }}
    {{ Government Ideologies: Technocratism, Stratocracism, Meritocracism, Imperialism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism }}

    {{ Constitution: Mandate of Olympia }}
    {{ Head of State: High Imperator }}
    {{ Head of Government: High Imperator }}
    {{ Supreme Commander: High Imperator }}
    {{ Executive Branch: Castellan }}
    {{ Legislative Branch: Council of Exarchs & Vandemarian Senate }}
    {{Judicial Branch:Council of Exarchs }}
    {{ Military Branch: Vandemarian Legions, Vandemarian Grenadier Guards }}

    {{ Morale Alignment: Neutral Evil / True Neutral }}
    {{ Force Alignment: Gray }}

  • {{ Diplomatic Stance: Belligerent, Purification }}
    {{ War Philosophy: Unrestricted Wars }}
    {{ War Doctrine: Speartip}}
    {{ Orbital Bombardment: Exterminatus}}
    {{ Resettlement: Allowed }}
    {{ Land Appropriation: Allowed }}
    {{ Initial Border Status: Controlled }}
    {{ Economic Policy: Militarized Economy }}
    {{ Trade Policy: Wealth Creation }}
    {{ Production Policy: Heavy Industry focus }}
    {{ AI: Outlawed }}
    {{ Droid Workers: Limited }}
    {{ Population Controls: Allowed }}
    {{ Slavery: Outlawed }}
    {{ Purge: Unrestricted }}

  • Join the Legion!
    The Vandemarian Legions are an elite force of gene-engineered soldiers, drilled to punch through the thickest of resistances and to overcome the strong of enemies, they are among the strongest non-Force sensitive units in the Galaxy. Equipped with the best weapons and armor the forges of Vandemar can offer, they are moving into battle in strong tanks, sturdy aircraft and mighty warships, defying damage and delivering killing blows where others would falter or not even attempt it.

    ☬ Become an Exarch! ☬
    Where other planets hold a circus of nobility or are pushed around by their mighty industrials, Vandemar puts local government into the hands of an Exarch. Selected by the High Imperator himself and answering only to the Castellan, the Exarchs are the governing hands of the rich and orderly world. They refer to themselves as houses, even though there is no nobility permitted, no bloodline approved or family recognised. Houses are the governing bodies of the regions, bearing own coat of arms and have dedicated production and troops under their command. An Exarch can even be a Legion member, depending on the fief they control and what their duties are.

    ✹ The Grenadier Phalanx needs you! ✹
    The Corps of the Grenadier Phalanx are the left leg on which Vandemars power stands. Mandatory conscription swells the ranks, but is separated from the professional, standing army. The path of a soldier in the Vandemarian society is highly acknowledged and renowned, even those that return from the Legions trials to the ordinary forces are held in high regard for their dedication and devotion. The Grenadiers are organised in Regiments of various kinds, such as artillery, armor or mechanised and together form divisions and corps which a own operational entities capable of performing tasks independently. They are well equipped, skilled, versatile and disciplined.

    ⁂ Battlefleet Vandemar needs YOU ⁂
    The Vandemarian Battlefleet has its primary purpose shifting from the defense of the Olympia System to the expansion of New Imperial influence. Compromised of a core of strong capital ships, they do not rely on the fleet in being as core doctrine, but rather engage in fabian tactics as well as base strike operations, hitting the enemy continuesly and wearing them down. Versatile cruiser squadrons are the core of this fleet, fast Star Destroyers and well equipped escorts support the very mobile core fleet. Mobile fleet stations are equipped for war as well, providing mobile re-supply points and docks as well as staging zones for campaigns.

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