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The Hutt Republic

A new means for the Hutts to reunite Hutt Space under their rule. Slightly different system of ruling, but very similar goals as the Cartel of old.

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IC Overview
The Hutt Republic is the most recent form of Hutt Rule over the worlds of Hutt Space. Originally thought of by Broka the Hutt, and now being embraced by clans across the storied system shared between Nar-Shaddaa and Nal-Hutta, the Hutt Republic aims to first reunite Hutt Space under its, and the Hutts', banner, and then to continue the goal of all Hutt organizations in history- to rule the galaxy through commerce.

What makes the Hutt Republic different from the Cartel of old, and the Empire of ancient times long gone by, is that it is a formal government. A proper state ruled over by the Hutt Clans. From this, no nation of the galaxy can question its legitimacy as a government, and as the ruling power of Hutt Space. The name of "Republic" comes from how the main leader of the new nation of Hutts is elected among all the Lordas within the Hutt Republic's domain, as well as how laws and diplomatic decisions are made by a legislative body, called the Hutt Assembly, voting on such decisions and laws. The Hutt Assembly is made up of the Lordas for every Kajiedic that lies within the Hutt Republic's realm. From trade agreements with foreign powers in the galaxy, to declaring war on galactic nations, to negotiating alliances with other powers in the galaxy, the Hutt Assembly's vote is what determines the outcome of all dealings with foreigners and the Hutt Republic. However, another task of the Hutt Assembly is electing the executive leader of the Hutt Republic, as well as the political representative of the Hutt Republic to the rest of the galaxy. This title is called the Supreme Mogul, which is the same title the leader of the Hutt Cartel of old would have held. Supreme Moguls hold their titles until their death, or their abdication. They are supposed to manage their Kajiedic's holdings, as well as manage the affairs of the Hutt Republic as a whole. It is a massive undertaking, which is why only the most capable of Lordas are supposed to hold this title. Shortly before the death or abdication of a previous Supreme Mogul, the Lordas on the Hutt Assembly vote among themselves to elect the next Supreme Mogul from among them. Each Lorda has one vote, and cannot vote for themselves. The Supreme Mogul's heir is not allowed to vote, or be voted on, during this election process.

Such a system, at first, may seem incredibly bureaucratic for the Hutts, however the system is designed to enforce cooperation among the various Kajiedics on a regular basis. A policy of wars between the clans being prohibited also works to achieve such a goal of enforced cooperation. What was seen before was the Hutt Cartel was too busy eating its own to truly achieve its goals of ruling the galaxy through commerce. It was also so quickly taken down from the separation and back-biting nature of the organization. With this enforced unity and cooperation, the Hutt Republic is designed to have better longevity than its historical counterpart as the means for Hutt Space to be ruled over by the species best suited to rule over it; the Hutts.

However, despite such goals of ruling the galaxy through commerce, and reuniting the Hutts under one organization, desperate times call for desperate measures. The notorious Bryn'adul have been decimating former Hutt worlds in their genocidal rampage. Before the swarms of merciless, murderous, and monstrous beings could drive the Hutts to extinction within their home system, the Lordas of the system already planning the birth of the Hutt Republic turned to the more powerful nations in the galaxy for assistance. The Silver Jedi Concord sent its diplomats and soldiers to Nar-Shaddaa. The diplomats dealt with the Lordas, and negotiated a means of integrating the system with domestic autonomy, and having the Hutt Republic rule over it. Meanwhile, the soldiers aided the gangster armies of the Lordas in the streets of the city world to take out he petty mobsters and gangs that sprung up like weeds during the times the Hutts lost their dominance. In the end, the Silver Jedi Concord became the overarching nation to rule over Nar-Shaddaa and Nal-Hutta's system, with the Hutt Republic managing the territory. Yet, through the Concord, the Hutt Republic aims to reclaim the worlds that are rightfully for the Hutts through however means necessary. Whether it be through clandestine gang warfare, or diplomacy with whatever Hutts still remain on the other worlds, the Hutt Republic will utilize the protection offered by the Silver Jedi to regain their wealth, territory, and dominance. Meanwhile, the Hutts earn their keep by becoming a commercial haven with the Concord's territories, bringing massive wealth to the Silver Jedi Concord to fund their continuous war for existence against the neighboring Bryn'adul. Yet, it is also expected of the Hutts to pitch in with the war effort more directly sooner rather than later. As a result, a navy and army for the Hutt Republic is slowly being built up while it is in its period of founding. Meanwhile, the more private assets of the Kajiedics within the Hutt Republic are used for the goals of expansion. Then, the final part of the arrangement between the Hutts and the Jedi, was that upon the defeat of the Bryn'adul, or to where they would no longer threaten the core regions of Hutt Space, the Hutt Republic would be allowed to sue for independence from the Silver Jedi Concord with some adjacent territories to its capital. Yet, until that day comes, the Hutt Republic will remain the adminstrative rule over Hutt Space for the Silver Jedi Concord.

OOC Overview
This faction is a new mercantile based faction that toes the line between being a cartel and a legitimate government. It is for those who want to write crime stories, but have their morally ambiguous deeds become somewhat legitimized within this faction as long as those deeds benefit the Hutts. It also is meant to be a good home for corporate characters who want to get rich from dealing with the Hutts and selling their products and services to the commoners within the Hutts' realm. It is for those who wish to play a Hutt, and have a legitimized nation to live their luxurious IC lives within. There will be plenty of diplomacy threads for carrying out the mercantile expoits of the faction, however, in the early times of this nation's existence, there is bound by some clandestine conflict threads in order to expand the Hutt Republic's realm within the Silver Jedi Concord.

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