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The Athysian League

A confederation of Hegemonies from planet Athys. The Athysian League mainly deals in trade, which is also used for scouting purposes, for the later mobilization of the Raider Fleet.

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The Athysian League
Home System: Akelos System
Star System Location: Wild Space
Homeworld: Athys
Languages: Athysian, Galactic Basic
Alphabet: A mixture between Aurbesh and High Sith characters, with significant alterations to both.
Currency: None, Athysians have exchange-basis trade
Society: Cryptic, they do not allow strangers in their Hive City-States easily. Usually trade is conducted by their own trade expeditions, or on the League's Space Stations in deep space, or the borders of Akelos System.
Culture: Raiders-Merchants

The Athysian peoples are a pale-skinned warrior-breed. Since the age of 6, the boys are taken to the mountain camps, where they are molded into relentless warriors through harsh, violent training and excess physical challenges. It is not rare, for children to die, or be discarded if found unworthy, or sickly. The crushing majority of the Athysians are Force-Sensitives. The populace on Athys is divided into several sects, based on where they live:
  • The Hive City-States: Most of the Common folk of the Hive City-States are either engineers, or Warriors, with most of the simple jobs like food, equipment production (industrial items, every-day tools, stationary and the like) is either conducted through the use of slave labour, or droids. Although most are trained Force Sensitive warriors, not all the people of the Hives join the Stratis Hosts, the legendary armies of the Hegemons.
    • Nobility: The Hegenika (Noble family which rules the Hive) are those who enact absolute control over their Hives. All Hegenikas are members of a Force Circle (Athysian Cult, devoted to the local pantheon) and are also considered the only ones with access to knowledge of Force Rituals and Dark Arts, as well as the Forges (or Jin'turs), which are massive Force-enchanted laboratory-temples in which the Athysian Warsmiths produce the Force-embued weapons and other arcane weapons of war.
  • The Mountains: The mountain ranges of Athys are filled with several creatures, of which most are deadly predators. Furthermore, several alien species have colonized both the mountain sides, as well as the deep caverns, making colonies of savage warriors and marauding tribes, seemingly maintained into a certain population level by the Athysians, simply for the purpose of being the youth's training challenge. It is there where the Hegenikas choose to build and maintain their youth training camps, for the young warriors-to-be to engage a 10-year life in the most savage, unforgiving conditions, before they return to their families a warrior. Or not at all... Those who return to their Hive, now proud warriors baptized by the dark rituals and initiations of the Mountains, are given the Day of the Purge, by the ruling Hegemon; That day, each year, upon the return of the new warriors, the Hegemon sends them to the depths of the Underhive, where rebels, runaway slaves, and other underworld peoples find refuge in. The young warriors are given a free day, in which they must bring as many heads of slain foes as they can, to prove their loyalty and valor.
  • The Farm-cities: Outside the colossal walls of the Hives, span oceans and massive continents of land, inhabited by the Athysians who seek a different path, instead of that of the Warrior, in the Hives. These people, instead of seeking the recognition of the Dark patrons, instead establish vast agricultural complexes, in which they grow untold volumes of food, in city-sized farms.

Hierarchy Within the League
Arch-Hegemon: Elected Marshal of the League
Current: Desmundor Alcademon Desmundor Alcademon
Hegemons: Hive City-State Rulers, consisting the Athysian League's Council of Ephors
Princes: Heirs of their respective Hives and leaders of their Hegenika Raider Fleet.
Current: Irratar Hemstagon Irratar Hemstagon , Caedis Umbrammor Caedis Umbrammor

Diplomatic Standing:

  • Allied Factions:
    • Brotherhood of the Maw
  • Hostile Factions:
    • None

Diplomatic Traits:
Approves: Trade, Strong Military, Valor, Honor, Dark Side cults
Disapproves: Breaking pacts, Weak Military, pacifism, desertion


  • Korrithon (Alcademon Fortress-City, Umbrammor Raiding Outpost)
  • Lonchis (Alcademon Shipyards)
  • Leon (Alcademon Durelium and Chalon Mines)
  • Kratos (Hemstagon Military Colony)
  • Noma (Hemstagon Durelium Mines
  • Erevos (Alcademon Recruitment Colony)
Mobile Deep Space Stations

Behavior of the Athysian League in the Galactic Arena
The Hegemons dispatch periodically large convoys of trading fleets, seeking the stars for potential trade partners. It is not rare such fleets to end up working as a mercenary army, or arrange for such a service for a distant faction, with the promise of reward in either terms of resources, or outposts. Although this practice seems very trade-centric, a much darker truth usually lurks behind the smiling merchants. Every fleet that leaves a Hive has onboard several Hegenika members who are tasked with leading the negotiations, as well as study the new factions that they come in contact with. Should the faction proves weak, for the resource yield it may offer, the Hegenika informs the Arch-Hegemon, who calls upon a vast War Fleet consisted by the joint effort of numerous Hegemons, which they then sail against the targeted faction. This time, they enforce a blockade and should the faction refuse to pay an astronomical ransom, or even submit to a seasonal tribute, the League's war fleet launches a full scale attack against the planet, forcefully depriving the planet of its resources, as well as huge numbers of slaves, which are then brought to the markets of Athys...

Such practices, however, are more often than not used against other rival Hegemons who have not yet yielded to the League, attacking interstellar colonies and forcing a tribute or a full defection. Something that the victim's Hegenika usually answers with a furious blood feud, which results to a perpetual war in the Athysian controlled colonies... Alas, the tactical advantage the Athysian League has in assembling huge confederate war fleets provides the luxury of sailing far beyond the borders of Akelos System, which in time proves a pressure that will, in time, force the still independant Hegemonies to seek entry to the League, or face extinction due to sharp shortage in resources.

Whether a faction will find the Hegemons' fleets as trading partners, well-paid mercenary armies, or most dangerous foes or even, overlords, is completely up to the negotiations, and the strength the faction shall demonstrate to the Hegenika's envoys, when they arrive...

After a large alien invasion, the Hegemons that ruled for millennia the Hive City-states of Athys were forced to cooperate, in order to repulse the external threat. Following the alien defeat, the planet of Athys was in ruins. Rebuilding it would mean the joint effort of more than one ruler; Something that required to cast aside their differences and work for both the benefit and survival of their homeworld. And so they did. With the eon of conflict molding the Athysian society into a warrior-culture, many of the Hegemons saw purpose in this conversion. In time, before the very resources of the planet run out, condemning their Hive City-States in poverty and disease, the Hegemons started making alliances... Yet these pacts were not to maintain peace, or unite. Oh no. They were the very first attempts to raise what would be later known as a Raider Fleet.

For several decades Athysians launched small-scale raids on their neigbouring worlds within the system of Akelos. Success was not significant, with not much of resources making it back to Athys. however, the very promise of plunder slowly started causing the Athysian eyes a sparkle. Several attempts of raising huge armies across Hives were made. It begun with small pacts, that slowly expanded from one city to the other, up until most Hive City-States were in a common pact. There was no tithe, or taxation, or any form of centralized governing power over any of the proud Hegemons that consisted the League. Only a single rule: All voted for an Arch-Hegemon, the one who shall be calling the Raider Fleets, to plunder neighbouring worlds. The first of the many, to test the power an Athysian joint host could possess, was Ageas; The Titan of Athys, a Warrior-Prince enhanced by Dark Alchemy and genetic engineering, towering over any of his kin. Being the veteran of several wars on his homeworld, having faced marauding armies and breached through numerous pirate settlements, Ageas was the first of the Athysian Warlords to lead a joint Host off-world, making him the first known warlord to lead an army of the Athysian League. The first targets were the very moon of the planet, Leon. It would take a thirteen-year long campaign, for the planet to finally be conquered by Ageas' mighty host. After this success, the moon was split in colonies between the League, meant to be exploited as each Hegemon saw fit. But Ageas' hunger was far from satisfied. Only after few years, yet another raid was called. This time, much larger; Much... much larger...

Ageas launched a series of raids against planet Korrithon, which changed the balance of power in the whole system drastically. In time, Korrithon and Athys begun a war of preparation. While the Athysians were building up their fleets and armies, the Korrithonians were mounting up defenses in a perpetual war which will be later known as the "Hundred Years War" resulting to several Athysian Colonies being established on the planet and the orbiting moons.

The Athysian League shall begin a long initiative, in which the Hegemons reached out to the stars, establishing Interstellar Colonies and launching raids across the surrounding Star Systems. Eventually, most of the Hive City-States of the planet comit their fleets to the Raids.

As the years passed, new tactics were soon adopted, in order to maintain a constant expansion for the League, while the war-like nature of the Athysians would remain at bay. Several new peoples, initially considered savages or ignored, were adopted into the grand Stratis Hosts, the armies of the Hegemons, while some Hegemons allowed even alien and foreigner corsairs to crew their lesser ships. Each of the Hegemons could call his or her own raids, although their might was limited. When bigger, richer targets were identified, the Arch-Hegemon was calling the Raider Fleet, which always yielded greater plunder. One after the other, the moons of Athys became colonies... Arch-Hegemon Agmenon, of Bassilicor Hive, was the first to plan a much larger raid, this time against the System's second planet, Korrithon. Alas, during the preparations which shall take several years to complete, a civil war in Bassilicor will stall the Hegemon from launching his dream. By the time Desmundor Alcademon Desmundor Alcademon , once exiled brother of Agmenon, becomes the Arch-Hegemon, the long-craved assault on Korrithon finally happened, the Arch-Hegemon begun a new practice, which was overshadowed by the local raids: Trade. Under his guidance, several trading expenditions were sent to the Galactic South and East, seeking to chart routes to sail the Raider Fleets deep into what was called "Far Void"; The unexplored, to the Athysians, Galaxy. With the Arch-Hegemon's own niece, Kirki Alcademon Kirki Alcademon leading this effort, resource trade spiked the production back on Athys, allowing the Hegemons to build up their forces and fleets, for the inevitable "Exodus" to the East.

Athysians consider every world either a trade partner, whether that is in resources, or in raids, or a raid target. The warriors of Athys have been looking to the Far Void for centuries, scouting the countless worlds for those ripe for taking. Now, the time has finally come, the Athysian Raider Fleets shall shake the stars!

The Athysian Circles
With almost every individual being a Force Sensitive, the Athysian society has developed a very strong Force-centric culture. With countless stories in the planet's mythos, the Athysians have developed several cults, worshipping the several patron deities which appear to be strongly connected with the pantheons of the rest planets and moons of the Akelos Star System. Although several of the adepts and sages of the Circles can be shown skilled wielders of Force Powers, either light or dark side aligned, it is in the Force Rituals, where the Athysian Circles thrive. The Athysian Pantheon is built around numerous deities known as the Ancient Ones. Divine Force Entities who came to Athys millennia ago, establishing what later became the Athysian culture, with the Athysians believing themselves to be the ancestors of these gods.

The Fossian Circle
The devotees of the Fossian Circle, or otherwise called the Fossites, are Force sages and adepts which develop very life-centric approach to the Force. Also known as "Druids", such sages are healers who wander either as hunters and farmers in the wilderness of Athys, or reside in farmin settlements, enhancing the local growth of herbs, fruits and plants with what some would call unnatural speed, or volume. They are renown for their skill in taming wild creatures, as well as altering their own bodies into animalistic abominations, through rituals. These long-living, rather adaptive sages worship the Old Mother, otherwise refered to as Fosniv. According to the Mythos, Fosniv was an Ancient One who never came to Athys, as she was captured and then prisoned in the distant Void, by Empor, patron of Death.

A Fossian Druid on Athys (Credit)

The White Queen Circle
Worshippers of Asara, the deity who led the Ancient Ones to Athys and begun the Athysian race, the cultists of the White Queen Circle are chivalrous, oftentimes wandering the fields of Athys in warbands, hunting the marauding alien and pirate gangs who plague the lands. According to their belief, the only one true ruler of Athys is the White Queen, their patron Ancient One herself. Having taken vows of servitute, these knights fight to maintain what they interpret as peace and balance on Athys, outside the Hives. Their signifying symbol is the seven-pointed star, usually depicted in yellow, in a white, or black background. They are Force-Neutral warriors, not seeking to improve their own power, or pursuing fame. Instead, the Asaran cultists reside in isolated monasteries, venturing out only when what they conceive as "balance" of the land is broken, either by a pirate attack, or by a war. Highly skilled warrior-monks, the Asarans are worthy rivals for any who attempts to break their "peace". There have been several occasions in which these knightly orders sided with Hegemons, defending the folk of Athys. Or atleast, this is the official explaination of the story...

An Asaran Knight (Credit)

The Kirkian Witch Covens
Hidden deep in forests, or in isolated settlements in distant lands, the Witches of the dark covens practice their worship around the Ancient One known as Tyr'oata. The Witch-Mother. Mythos has it, the Witch-Mother was the Ancient One who led Asara herself to Athys, during a divine war in the Far Void. In later tales, Tyr'oata is shown a villain, as her Dark Ritualistic magic brought her in conflict with her once friend, Asara. Tyr'oata, unable to confront the Ancient One herself fled to the woods. It is unclear whether the two ever shook hands after these events, as some stories have Tyr'oata cursing Asara with what will later be known as the Arch-Demon Ignisir, while other stories have the Witch-Mother, although banished, actually helping Asara to defeat the demon.
The Witches of the Covens are the most skilled Ritualists, capable of causing tremendous plagues upon both individuals and regions.

A Witch, under the shadow of a Hive City-State (Credit)


Ruling from their high palaces atop of the sky scraping Hive City-States, or the very front of their Stratis Hosts, the Crimson Star Circle is the cult that dominates Athys and leads the League to the glory of battle. A dark cult it may be, the adepts of it are consisted of the most powerful individuals of the Athysian society. The warrior-centric, bloodthirsty cult embraces several Ancient Ones of the pantheon, with Eosir, the god of War, at the very center of their worship, believing that it was him who brought most of the pantheon together, in opposition to Katactis, who waged war against the Ancient Ones to destroy them and then the Galaxy. Eosir is said to have been killed in battle against Katactis' forces. He was recovered, and then brought back to life, by Asara, his ever loyal companion; unknowingly back then, the two would later fight a brutal war against eachother, before uniting under their common foe. Eventually, Asara shall lock Eosir and Katactis in stasis, where their battle shall continue throughout the ages. It is believed that Eosir hears the voices of the greatest champions of Athys, reaching out to them through the Force to encourage them and give them the power to push on the fight, as does he for so many eons. And so, the Crimson Star Circle leads its countless legions into battle, with their cultists craving the achievement in battle that will earn them recognition from their patron.

Highly meritocratic and always war-like, the Crimson Star Circle are divided by the Noble Houses that rule over the Hive city-states of Athys, known as the Hegenika. When the drums of war echo, the Hegenika raise their mighty Stratis Hosts and march them into battle, under the colours of their noble family. Each Hegenika of Athys battles its counterparts on the equipment, might, numbers, as well as prestige of their Hosts, which oftentimes may lead to infighting between two or more Hegenika hosts, for the glory of claiming a victory or a conquest in the name of their family. When it comes to the common folk and the bulk of the Hegenika warriors, they tend to recognize and respect valor and prowess, while they seem to accept aliens and other foreigners into their ranks, given they earned their place by a show of deed.


Athysian League Military: The Stratis Hosts

Each Hive City-State deploys vast numbers of troops, ready to fight for their Hegemon at any point of time. These huge armies are known as the Stratis Hosts. Each of these Hosts consists of several different units and warrior types, which blend together to launch a terrifying mixture which fuels the Athysian War Machine...

Athysian Units

Allied-Subfaction Units

The Colonial Wars
The Athysian Hegemons launch huge invasions and raids upon neighbouring planets of Akelos System, to establish Colonies. These colonies are well-fortified fortress-settlements, defended by thousands of troops from the Stratis Host of the Hegemon owning the colony. Tensions between the colonist forces and the locals are always high, while skirmishes and raids between troops of different Hegemons that claim the same colony errupt, which can scale up to full-out war between colonist forces, although this tension may never reach Athys.

The Trade Expeditions
To some, a trade expedition may not mean any significant military mobilization. For the Athysians, however, everything have to do with war. When a trade convoy is assembled by a Hive City-State, several hundreds if not thousands of troops are embraked in order to protect the shipments and the fleet during the voyage. Such expeditions may be towards nearby star systems, or even galaxy-spanning trips, taking several years to complete.


The Athysian Navy: The Dark Side of the League
As the tameless war-like nature of the Athysian Hegenikas is ever willing to compete with its counterparts, the Arch-Hegemon has exploited this practice in a way that allowed the League's Hegemons to grow unbelievably powerful war-fleets. Each of the Hegenika which are part of the Athysian League, are never asked to provide any form of tribute, or vassalage to the Arch-Hegemon's Hive City-State. Instead, they are always challenged to use their resources for the production of more and more powerful, as well as good-loking war ships to be added to the respective Hegenika's war fleet. This led to the ceaseless production of ships as the Hegemons compete with one another on who can build the most capable and strong vessel for the League's fleet. Each time a Raider Fleet is summoned, the ship that achieves the greatest deeds in battle, is given a distinct symbol, which carries the deformed ensignia of the raided planet's flag, as trophy. Arguably, the greatest honor for the owning Hegenika. Along with this honor, however, comes the ownership to any outposts claimed, as well as the largest share of the plunder. Ofcourse, should the Arch-Hegemon is unable to maintain such honors, he may be target for colony raids of other League Hegemons, which will in time force him to resign from the title, and another Arch-Hegemon will be voted by the League's Ephors (the Hegemons, members of the League)

This competitive tradition has allowed the League to develop a complex and rather diverse fleet of hundreds of war ships. Although there is no standardized production, or specific schematics through which vessels are produced in mass, instead, each Hegenima develops its own style of naval architecture, which is as distinct characteristic through which the Hegenima fleets stand out from one another.



Types of Warships
There are several types of warships within an Athysian fleet. From corvettes and destroyers, all the way to heavy cruisers and heavy gunships, the Athysian Navy is capable of deploying a plethora of different assets to enforce the Hegemons' will across the stars. Due to the fact that, when the grand fleet of the League is summoned by the Arch-Hegemon, the targets are often times far in the void, combined with the rate of production the Hegemons try to launch new warships, the majority of the fleet consists of large, fast moving ships, capable of transporting troops, for planetary raids and invasions, as well as carrying huge quantities of cargo, while there are also much larger capital ships and heavy cruisers carrying heavy armaments to serve as vanguards for the vast fleets.

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