Expelling some negative energy, server has me a bit frustrated tonight.

You know what really grinds my gears?

So, I'm usually the "discipliner." When someone gets in big trouble for something really stupid around here, I'm the guy who PMs you - and it should be noted we do our best not to ban people around here. We have an extremely low rate of bans. It just doesn't happen. I prefer to help people learn and understand over employing forceful measures, but I admit I will come off as harsh as I can so that you actually remember the interaction. Anyways...

Usually you have 1 of 2 reactions:

1. The "I want to continue to be here reaction", which is an apology or a "I won't do that again."

2. And the "Internet Tough Guy" reaction, or as I like to call it - the Keyboard Warrior.

And his first line is usually "Well, I'm not going to kiss your ass."

Son, do you really think I want my ass kissed.

I want you to be better. To be more intelligent, more mature. To not be so stupid. I want to open a portal to a parallel dimension, find that extremely rare version of you that isn't entirely caught up in his own ego, and replace you with him.

I don't even want you to apologize. Just say "Alright man, I'll try my best to not do that again."

And then I want you to actually try your best not to do that again.
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