A Boost thread allows two or more Major/Minor Factions participating to gain Underworld Credit (UC) currency. The story of a Boost thread must include some sort of criminal-themed element, though writer creativity and ingenuity is to be encouraged.

  • At any point, Major/Minor Factions may significantly boost individual characters' Underworld Credit (UC) currency.
  • A Boost is classified as a Criminal thread.
  • A Boost thread's title must include the name(s) or acronym(s) of the Major/Minor Factions involved.
  • Boosts must have a minimum of 5 individual writers participating.
  • Upon the completion of a Boost, the thread must be submitted to the Underworld Update thread.
  • Once a Thread Starter has directly collected a Credit Payout, he may not directly collect another Boost's Credit Payout for 30 days.
  • Rewards are as follows:
# Number Of Thread Participants# Number Of Posts# Credit Payout
540-100250,000 UC
6 - 10101-200500,000 UC
6 - ∞201+1,000,000 UC


Once a Major/Minor Faction has posted a completed Boost thread to the Underworld Update thread, an Admin will assign an RPJ to judge whether the thread meets the following criteria. The RPJ will sign the 'Approval' field in the Underworld Update template, or will contact the submitter if further work is needed.

  • STORY - Does the Boost thread have a story (or group of stories) that makes sense and that comes to a reasonable conclusion?
  • REPRESENTATION - How well are the Factions/characters represented in the Boost thread?
  • EFFORT - How much effort has the Faction put into the thread?

The thread starter of the boost must submit this application to the Underworld Update Thread to receive rewards. The Thread Starter of the Boost will dictate will be the only recipient of rewards and may dictate what happens after the thread's conclusion.

Name Of The Factions Involved:
(Fully name the Factions correctly)
Link To the Boost: (Insert Boost Thread URL)
Number Of Posts The Boost Has At The Current Time: (Insert Post Count Here)
Underworld Credits Reward Recipient: (The Thread Starter will receive the reward. Keeping or splitting up the reward will be up to the Thread Starter.)
RPJ Assigned:
(Leave this blank, an RPJ shall insert their name and the date / time when it has been approved)
RPJ Approval: (Leave this blank, an RPJ shall insert their name and the date / time when it has been approved)